Current Run

Classic Job
Thief Knight Red Mage Knight

Previous Runs - 2

Run #1: Advance Run
Black Mage Berserker Dancer Gladiator
Run #2: Pure Chaos
Summoner Dancer Beastmaster Mystic Knight


Comment Time Comment
2019-06-30 12:15:21 *~third map gang~* #FF5FJF2019 https://t.co/G5BVKweslb
2019-07-03 21:23:29 It was a long, resource heavy crystal fight- just sitting back and waiting for a mini-zerk to land a skull four times
2019-07-05 07:44:12 Things got a little dicey in fork tower... #FF5FJF2019 https://t.co/kurK8G12op