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2018-06-20 07:53:00 Natural is saving my butt— I’m taking full advantage of freelancers with whip and flame bow vs Byblos
2018-06-24 21:29:25 Just when hope was all but lost against Atomos, one final jump does it https://t.co/HNoZlfRQD4
2018-07-05 20:59:25 MAGIC LAMP DIDNT WORK! Had to “spread the damage” between the last 2 bits. Got meteor’d by the last one standing, but one last Jump from Krile did it in! https://t.co/3bhpca0fJ8
2018-07-05 21:05:03 Triple revival ending means lots of flowers https://t.co/ha8Ij6YSoV
2018-07-07 12:10:43 It’s theoretically possible, but I’d have to get reeeealllly lucky. https://t.co/1rRL8WDbt6