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2017-06-30 01:49:18 After getting my party of 1 Berserker and 3 Thieves up to lvl 17, I was able to beat LiquidFlame and escape the castle.
2017-06-30 01:53:47 Now Gilgy has given a 2nd Zerk! I fear a few upcoming bosses knowing I must tackle them w/ 2 Zerk, 2 THF. Grind City, ho!
2017-07-04 07:09:19 Had to hit level 21 before I could pull it off where my Berserkers' damage outpaced his Drains.…
2017-07-06 05:06:39 Well whaddya know! A mere two Harvester battles to get the two Death Sickles I needed! What doom awaits me?
2017-07-06 22:40:58 Galuf in the back row with the Moonring Blade! Not sure this could have ended any other way with…
2017-07-12 01:19:58 Oh, Gilgabot. THF/BER/BER/BER? I will try to charge forward. Killing everything in my path. Hope THF can keep up healing.