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2018-06-19 06:34:04 Karlabos down! Long but easy fight. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-19 07:01:24 Siren was easy with White Mages. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-19 12:29:33 Lost Galuf & Faris in the Garula fight but still won on first try! My grinding in the Wind Shrine paid off. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-20 09:20:49 Successfully escaped the castle but skipped a lot of treasures. Did get the Elven Mantle, Main Gauche, and Esuna. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-20 09:33:14 Two broken frost rods took care of Ifrit. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-20 09:44:21 Likewise: two flame rods killed Byblos. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-22 03:19:15 Sand worm was rough. Ended up soloing it with my Red Mage, one elixir used. Happy that’s over with! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-23 04:30:12 Lost against Soul Cannon on first try. Bought a Thunder Rod for boosted damage for my Red Mage, and won on second try, hooray! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-23 04:31:17 Now my least favorite part of the game: the Ronkan Ruins. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-23 08:17:55 Third time’s the charm: Archeoaevis dead! The trick was not letting my team stay confused. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 06:52:25 Purobolos was a piece of cake with a Bard and Red Mage. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 06:57:34 Titan went pretty easily, too. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 07:06:20 All hail Romeo’s Ballad! Calmed Manticore to death. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 07:37:56 Awesome music time! The Battle on the Big Bridge posed on problem for my party of White Mage, Red Mage, Bard and Dancer. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-27 13:44:04 Easiest Dragon Pod fight ever! Broke a Flame Rod to kill the buds, then kept the pod soothed with Romeo’s Ballad. Took no damage! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-30 08:41:39 Still playing my #FF5FJF2018 run. Been grinding job levels in Castle Bal’s basement.
2018-07-06 07:06:00 I didn’t notice my Red mage had Bome Mail on and I killed him with a cure, oops. Still won against Gilgamesh & Enkidu on first try. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-13 13:24:07 Finally got 4th Reflect Ring tonight! And woohoo, beat Atomos on the first try, though it was a close one. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-15 16:26:19 Had Flame Rings on wrong jobs. Switched them from Bard/Dancer to Red Mage/White Mage, and beat the crystals on next try! #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-19 05:28:25 Quickest Wendigo fight ever! Got really lucky with a couple Chicken Knife Sword Dances on the correct target. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-05 04:40:41 Gonna get back to my #FF5FJF2018 run! Time to tackle Omega. Wish me luck!
2018-08-09 07:31:36 Backtracking out of the Void to level up some more. I can beat bosses but keep dying to random encounters. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-28 07:18:21 Got lucky with my fight against NED—he didn’t use Grand Cross once! #FF5FJF2018