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2020-06-16 04:11:56 Normally I grind EXP/ABP in the Wind Shrine, but figured I didn’t need it with monks. So I was only level 5 when I took on Karlabos. Still an easy win!
2020-06-16 04:16:24 Magissa went down in one round of Focus. Easiest fight ever for her! #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-16 04:37:32 Used a strategy I saw in The Run and counter-attacked Garula to death. Safe & easy fight, if somewhat long. #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-16 06:30:47 Got all the good blue magic I could, now onto Karnak and the fire ship! #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-16 07:34:30 Liquid Flame dead after two broken ice rods. I failed to get Aera in the escape from the castle, but I did get Death Claw and all the good items from the chests. #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-18 06:45:34 Took a break from the Fiesta yesterday. I’m back at it now! I love Vampire. Managed to learn Aqua Breath by Vampiring the Chimera to death. #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-18 06:56:33 Woohoo! Learned Level 5 Death & Aera from the same fight. #FF5FJF2020