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2018-06-18 13:04:04 Wind Crystal obtained and now whole party is Blue. Got Aero, Goblin Punch, and Vampire to start.
2018-06-19 01:20:36 Blue Mages rock for the time being. Whether it be using Death Claw, breaking rods, or this!
2018-06-19 03:54:13 Gilgamesh fight round 1!
2018-06-19 08:04:02 ... He didn't get a chance to summon Enkidu
2018-06-19 11:30:09 It's Gilgamesh morphing time fools!
2018-06-19 11:43:09 Now for a serious, no-nonsense battle!
2018-06-19 11:57:59 World 2 is done! Now onto world 3!
2018-06-20 02:49:22 Heading into the Rift right now.
2018-06-20 09:18:22 The world is in peril!
2018-06-20 11:58:18 ok, so yeah, I'm gonna have to grind a bit more if I want to live against Almagest. Maybe then I'll be able to actually master the other classes and formulate a winning strategy for Shinryu and Omega.
2018-06-21 02:36:07 conclusion to end my run: Blue Mage is a favorable job no matter where your progress is. Mystic Knight helped with grinding. Break blade! Ninja helped me get dual wield on all characters, and throwing shurikens helped me late game. !Smoke Dragoon has !Lancet.
2018-06-22 02:51:03 This was way too close @SomeTwitPerson @_electrocutie Hardest boss to do with Mystic knight since you can't really do any elements and just take whacks at 'em.
2018-06-22 04:38:19 This is the team right now (since Mime isn't until merged + fork tower gone) @SomeTwitPerson I think I can cheese everything in this world with !Zenigage