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Team 750
White Mage Summoner Geomancer Chemist


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2019-07-12 04:54:23 Got my first job! White Mage. Yay. 😐 https://t.co/22WElQK2sd
2019-07-13 11:54:09 And my water crystal job is Summoner. This is what I get for beating Garula. Oh well, at least I can use Sylph! https://t.co/27FfOMuW2s
2019-07-13 14:08:13 Okay come on Geomancer? Well, at least later on traversing *certain* caves will be easier. Fire Crystal job, boys. https://t.co/q74bg4GaHD
2019-07-13 15:11:38 Now I've got the fire-powered ship! Chemist waiting room? https://t.co/SIintwgbBx
2019-07-14 09:30:19 Onward into the desert! And the hardest crystal to get iirc. 50/50 Chemist or Dancer! Crossing my fingers. https://t.co/EzwscRfXYX
2019-07-14 15:34:10 Got my airship, defeated Archeoaevis, and got Chemist as my final job! Had to watch Lenna and Faris' father die in the process though. A grim reminder of our mortality 👻 https://t.co/b4g4g8zsom
2019-07-14 16:00:44 Aaaand... On to world 2!
2019-07-16 07:25:38 Whew so a lot went down! Galuf saved the day, we met the remaining Dawn Warriors, saw Ghido's island sink, hung out with some moogles, and destroyed one of Exdeath's towers! And as you can see the boss at the top destroyed me. Moving on. https://t.co/lCTb2xDrqt