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2018-06-28 07:57:45 An easy run so far, but admittedly not very interesting. Though the reward for most boring boss fight goes to: White Mage Galuf vs Gilgamesh! :P https://t.co/XtkLq5x7La
2018-07-07 09:06:47 Finally got 4 Reflect Rings. Each one took 2, 11, 65(!), and 19 Reflect Knight kills. 97 total. ...That 3rd one was absolutely ridiculous. Sigh. Should be fun now with 2 black mages, though.
2018-07-07 13:26:33 Meanwhile, I get 2 Staves of Light out of 3 Metamorph fights, without even trying. Um. Sure. I guess that works, lol. ;)
2018-07-08 06:55:27 Crystals were tricky. Reflect Rings were problematic here, I accidentally stalemated myself since it's hard to damage the Fire crystal with this party. I came back without Reflect, set up Protect+Shell on everyone first, and beat them the slow and safe way.
2018-07-08 09:26:30 Wait, wait... Blizzaga? Guard+Cover!? GIL TURTLE, YOU'RE GOING DOWN! ......Oh, right, the Earthquake death move... *cough* nevermind. https://t.co/ZAfpIYk5Eo
2018-07-09 06:21:28 Exdeath's Castle was mostly pretty easy. (Well, I had a little trouble with the random dragons in the lava rooms.) Got a Power Staff from the 4th Black Warlock without really trying. And, destroyed Exdeath with Reflect Ring strats. On to World 3, Lv31.
2018-07-09 12:09:47 Fork Tower: Non-optional. :) https://t.co/mUo7GpdQdT
2018-07-09 13:50:05 Trying to get a 3rd Gold Hairpin, from Gogo. Strat: Faris attacks with Thief Knife; if unsuccessful, Lenna casts Return w/Wonder Wand before Gogo starts talking. Faris is blinded (Crew Dust from Fire Ship), Lenna crit HP for Cover. Reset <3:00. No luck yet.
2018-07-09 14:16:51 Finally got it! 3 Gold Hairpins for all 3 mages. That was a technical nightmare, but so very worth it. https://t.co/R5OkbvHhK7
2018-07-10 05:29:45 All content done in the "outside" world, onward to the Void. Current levels 36~38.
2018-07-10 12:17:05 Cutting that Necrophobe fight a little close, yikes. Decided to counter Necro's Reflect strats with my own Reflect Rings. It worked okay, but it was a really close fight. https://t.co/eRiHS0rhdH
2018-07-11 01:25:17 Neo Exdeath down! Pretty easy, just Shell+Protect on everyone, then nuke him. The only tricky part was Grand Cross, but it didn't do anything game-ending. Overall, a surprisingly easy party to play as. 2x Black is just too powerful, and White too useful.
2018-07-11 01:44:35 Credits roll pics as proof of natural run. Final levels, 39/37/39/39. https://t.co/0QIki4rtcf
2018-07-11 03:14:27 Shinryu down! Kind of a joke with this party, though. 1) Power Staff to set Berserk. 2) Guard+Cover and/or Blink to block physicals. 3) Laugh maniacally. :) ...The real test is going to be Omega, though. Hmm...
2018-07-12 08:24:04 "...And stay down!!!" :D :D :D https://t.co/gt64lRnuyi
2018-07-12 08:28:54 Omega down!!! This was the tough one. Reflect Rings on Lenna, Faris, and Krile (my BM/BM/WM), Hermes Sandals+Flame Shield+Diamond Helm on Bartz (my Knight). Final levels, 46/45/46/46.
2018-07-12 08:31:32 The battle system has a quirk that's useful in this fight: Reflected spells do not draw counters if one of your party members takes damage. The strat was AoE Thundagas on my party, dealing ~6000 to Omega and ~900 to Bartz. Hi-Potions and Elixirs to heal.
2018-07-12 08:33:32 Even with that trick, Omega was still brutally difficult. We're talking 100+ attempts. Earthquake was a full-party wipe, Maelstrom's not much better. And I had to fight the entire time to stay ahead of the Wave Cannon damage. But eventually, I got the win!