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2019-07-06 11:53:20 Took down a Gil Turtle. Mixed Hi-Potions, Cura, and Shiva for damage, Blink, Golem, and Levisalve for defense. It's slow going and the chemist uses lots of items, but it was easy in a sense. https://t.co/zwWv6AYW0s
2019-07-06 12:54:41 I normally farm 4 Reflect Rings at the Barrier Tower, but figured I'd stop at 2. Not only are there more of them available later, 3 of my party members can cast Reflect anyway. ...Of course, naturally I pick up a 3rd ring while walking to the boss, lol.
2019-07-07 11:11:09 Onward to world 3, all characters Lv31. Chemist/Summoner/Samurai/White Mage is a rather slow party, but it's also pretty strong in its own way.
2019-07-08 05:12:23 Being down Lenna (my Summoner) was annoying. Skipped through the pyramid, I'll go back later. For Melusine, I waited for her low-DEF form, then Confuse-locked her there with Lamia's Kisses and Mineuchi. But now Lenna's back! And with Syldra at that. :)
2019-07-10 01:23:28 Omega down! At only level 38. I was a little confounded by this one, until I looked over the chemist's mix list. Blessed Kiss (Maiden's Kiss + Holy Water), Sets Berserk/Image 2/Haste, ignores status immunities. That's... That's beyond broken.
2019-07-10 01:28:33 For Omega, I also used Dragon Power on my samurai (adds 20 levels, stacks), Turtle Soup on Omega (halves DEF/MDEF), then Zeninage, Succubus's Kiss (drains HP), and Bahamut. Goliath Tonics (doubles HP) and Protect/Curaga for defense. Hermes Sandals all around.
2019-07-10 03:59:33 Shinryu down too, with standard Berserk strats. Lv38-39. 2x Dragon Power on samurai + Turtle Soup on Shinryu = 9999 Zeninages. Pretty easy, actually.
2019-07-10 04:31:29 Overall a good party. White mage was useful. Summoner was my main DPS and much needed for sweeping randoms. Samurai's not great, but Zeninage was good when it mattered. Chemist was kinda dead weight since I'm stingy with items, but was amazing at the very end.
2019-07-10 04:41:59 Proof of a natural run. https://t.co/rYRXmkn1Li