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2020-06-16 12:07:56 Tried attacking liquid flame multiple times with all berserkers at level 14 and 15, didn't work out. Grinded to level 17 for the next attempt.
2020-06-17 22:54:56 . Finally got out of all berserker hell and am now working with BRD and RNG (in both senses), this is forcing me to be creative with using Animals for healing and hoping Nightingale pops up. I really, really hate the Sol Cannon. May be forced to buy Angel Ring
2020-06-19 21:12:58 . Made it almost to the end of World 2 with my party, having two berserkers makes me nervous but the Bard is really making it work with its powerful songs. Doom sickles are helping a lot. Worried about castle ExDeath so I am grinding for ABP to get rapid fire.