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2019-06-17 22:06:21 Didn't think about taking pics until about halfway through last night. My hero is starting a travel vlog. Day 1- entered the Torna Canal, fought with the manager, ended up shipwrecked and learned a secret or two
2019-06-18 12:40:17 Day 2 (1) today was a big day. We ground out a few levels against some undead. It was boring work but still beat binging Fear the Walking Dead. Next I met a beautiful woman at the beach. She tried to kill me, don't see much of a future. Then we saved a dragon
2019-06-18 12:42:37 Later, we learned more secrets and fought an elephant. I can see why the Golden Company would want to use them in battle. After that we ran into an old friend and made a new one in prison. Prison was fun, there was an explosion and we all laughed
2019-06-19 11:50:49 Day 3: lots of set backs today. I acquired my fire job but perhaps I was too hasty in doing so. I had completed the fire ship but failed to make it through Castle Karnak. I have since retreated to the safety of the woods to increase my vigor (and hit points)
2019-06-20 18:58:08 Day 4) finally made it through Castle Karnak without blowing up. Cid was very sad so we are seeking out a relative of his to cheer him up. Ran into Ifrit on the way and convinced him to join us. Unfortunately, also ran into Byblos and got Wind Slashed to death
2019-06-25 04:31:04 Days 5-8) it's been a brutal 4 days. Lost my camera when our ship was swallowed up by the sea. Loaned my pen to Mid so he could draw up plans for our new airship. He chewed the end beyond recognition. Had to throw it off the floating city of Lonka.
2019-06-25 04:31:05 Galuf's granddaughter showed up. Sweet kid, hopefully we see her again. We are working on getting to Galuf's world. Currently hanging out on Avocado Island trying to rack up some cash for a new camera and pen to better document our adventure
2019-06-25 11:11:28 Day 8) Spent some more time poking around. Ended up in the WAY wrong place. Next we recharged the meteors. Tomorrow we head off to find our friend Galuf in his world!
2019-06-26 11:26:20 Day 9) Traveled to Galuf's world. After a nighttime disaster I was foolish enough to open the death chest. Need to reevaluate my decision making. We then found ourselves on Grociana which despite its name has NO produce section. Night time chat with Galuf
2019-07-16 09:10:54 Finally beat Exdeath at the end of World 2. Why did it take me 11 attempts? Because I'm dumb and forgot all the wall rings I farmed earlier #ff5fjf2019
2019-07-30 10:22:30 With no magic casters in my party, I'm trying to run Omniscient out of MP. Not a great strategy considering he has 30000 but its what I've got #FF5FJF2019