Current Run

Random Team 750
Blue Mage Time Mage White Mage Bard

Previous Runs - 6

Run #1: Normal
Blue Mage Berserker Ranger Chemist
Run #2: Pure Chaos
Time Mage Blue Mage Freelancer Beastmaster
Run #3: Classic Job
Black Mage Monk Thief Monk
Run #4: Popular Run
Red Mage Chemist Samurai Time Mage
Run #5: Random Team No 750
Knight Thief Berserker Dragoon
Run #6: Chaos
Samurai Chemist Thief Ninja


Comment Time Comment
2018-06-18 12:43:20 I got Blue Mage?? And I thought this was going to be a serious challenge. (famous last words)
2018-06-18 20:33:08 Out of the ship graveyard and sitting outside the second town
2018-06-19 02:46:57 Magissa got Aero’d, and now I got wings. Time to rob Tycoon https://t.co/dw4wO7lOhL
2018-06-19 04:52:44 Garula died as an amphibian, as he should. And now a BERSERKER gets added to the mix. Off to Karnak
2018-06-19 10:50:11 Karnak Castle is no more. Learned Aera and Death Claw on the 8th try or so. Ranger is next after… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1008889650474299394
2018-06-20 00:50:13 3x BERSERKER to learn Aqua Rake, Byblos ate a Fire Rod, learned Lvl 5 Death with my last lvl 15… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1009101052476522497
2018-06-20 21:02:14 Farmed a couple Death Sickles, broke Lightning Rods to get in the Flying Fortress, got Lvl 4 Graviga, Aera’d and Lvl 5 Death for Archaeoaevis, and now Chemist! Fuck yes
2018-06-22 02:13:59 Took out the 3 meteor bosses with Mixing and Blue Magic, warped to a different planet, used a tent and got captured, escaped then got blown away, found some Moogles, killed a plant with Death Claw, and watched an island sink
2018-06-22 02:34:45 I went to the fleet, took out the goblins, and then my Death Sickle one-shotted Gilgamesh. It was hilarious!
2018-06-22 19:31:18 Barrier Tower blown up. Atomos wailed on my BERSERKER til he died, then Time Slip to put him down. Aeroga and Aqua Rake to finish him off with Chemist Mixing ethers for the casters
2018-06-26 11:00:39 First legit kill of the crystals, but Aeroga almost killed me there, Exdeath got old and died, some worlds merged, Pyramid gave lots of Dark Matter, Flame Rods x4 for Melusine, Flying! so I got Mighty Guard from Stingray
2018-06-28 22:49:43 Got the Magic Lamp, farmed Dragon Fangs, and into the Void! All necessary castle bosses destroyed, tried ExDeath a handful of times, best was getting 2 parts dead with Dragon Power/double Hp from Mixing. Probably need more levels
2018-07-01 00:57:55 Wind shrine was easy, Siren as Freelancers was a bitch, Magissa needed strategy - 2 front rank, everyone attacking until Forza, then break Frost Rod and back rank for all. Garula barely scratched me, Flaming Hand ate a few Frost Rods
2018-07-04 11:05:01 Byblos ate Fire Rods, Soul Cannon wasn’t bad - kind of a photo finish with his 2nd countdown. Had to level a bit in Ronka Ruins to have enough Hp for Archeoaevis, then I get Beastmaster after so I wait for Whitewind again. Time for Battle of the Big Bridge
2018-07-16 03:40:45 This run is going to be difficult. Leveled to 7 while stealing potions in the Wind Shrine, punched and bolted Karlaboss, Siren is next.
2018-07-16 07:21:59 Siren got her lights punched out, Magissa was dead before she called on Forza, and Garula killed himself with counters. Fire ship next
2018-07-17 09:21:25 Fire guy ate rods, so did Byblos, had to level to kill Sandworm, Archaeoaevis got punched out, Purobolus took 3 tries for them to run out of mp, Titan was easy, so was the last one. World 2!
2018-07-17 22:24:48 Had to level to get past Gilgamesh, now leveling outside Regole for Hp and damage output, currently 29. Bio is nice, and cash is overflowing.
2018-07-20 20:12:06 In world 3 now, Dragon Pod was easy, got 4 reflect rings, black mage soloed Atomos, crystal battle was awesome, and ExDeath almost got me https://t.co/7lD38glAlC
2018-07-23 01:30:15 Freelancers until Garula, then Red Mages everywhere! Just got past the Sandworm. The Red Mage Army marches on!
2018-07-24 03:21:15 Made it to Bal, just hanging out in the basement throwing gold needles at statues because doublecast meteor
2018-08-02 07:17:05 Just had 4 Elixirs drop from Level Checkers https://t.co/lNtP1wcMyj
2018-08-05 03:15:31 At the 2 hour mark. Ready for North Mountain after a brutal battle of Freelancers vs. Siren.
2018-08-05 04:37:18 It’s duplicate job run! Magissa ate a rod, Forza got beat down, Garula never hit me because he was paralyzed, 2 rods for Liquid Flame
2018-08-05 22:56:47 7 hours in, everyone at 25, up to 60 Hi Potions, still not ready for Thieves vs. Byblos
2018-08-06 08:30:44 Took 2 tries but I got him. Used 99 Hi potions, 20 Phoenix downs and a dozen Elixirs to survive the 1000mp of Byblos with a party of thieves. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-13 00:05:54 There’s a damn Devo reference in FFV!! #FF5FJF2018 https://t.co/2w04kYCgRM