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2018-06-20 09:43:08 There was a bug going on with the update posting feature and longer tweets, so I'm gonna try sending this one again, this time with EVEN MORE TEXT. Ahem: Lenna going "Faris, thank you" after the battle with Magissa and Forza was never more appropriate. https://t.co/WUkAYhM8Dx
2018-06-20 09:54:56 Aaaand it works! Well then, got past Karnak in the mean time. And got Freelancer, of all things. That should be an interesting experience. Less real jobs, but one character who'll be able to make more use of the stuff I do have. A lot depends on the 4th job.
2018-06-21 04:52:33 Three Red Mages and a Freelancer really made short work of everything in between the Fire and Earth crystals, only Archeoaevis was a bit of work (and even then mostly a matter of time). Let's see what happens next!
2018-06-21 04:56:41 Alright, so basic magic, the power to catch stuff and OP potion people, plus someone who can equip anything. An odd mix, but I should be able to do something with this.