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2019-06-17 17:50:44 Pretty good luck with initial elixir gathering at the Wind Shrine. Moving onto Ship Graveyard. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-17 19:05:31 Time to bring knives to a fire fight. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-18 20:01:54 After running into some payment problems with PayPal and Tiltify (which @CPCharity uses for events now) I'm switching to White Mage and Berserker for my Wind and Water jobs. I have a new save file ready to go from the Wind Shrine. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-18 20:32:38 It has been a long time since I used four white mages against Karlabos. That takes awhile, but not much threat with that much healing. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-18 22:15:06 Back to Berserker. Now I get to use the strategy I saw in The Run for Liquid Flame. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-18 23:00:18 Confuse-a-Liquid-Flame doesn't have the same appeal as the strategy to get float, but it works. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-19 01:41:09 Karnak escape is complete. Samurai was the job I was assigned with my attempt at a reroll, before I decided to just pick White Mage in honor of The Run. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-19 02:23:01 Byblos with White Mage and Berserker is going to be a bit of a hurdle. Should still be lower than four berserkers. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-19 04:06:34 Byblos down. Instead of raising my party to level 17 before the Karnak escape to get through Liquid Flame, I did it after to get through Byblos with !White. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-20 04:37:27 Took down Sandworm with a knocked-out berserker and three white mages. The healing staff is basically a fourth character anyway. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 02:17:30 Three death sickles and esuna were enough to get through Soul Cannon. An angel ring helped a little, too. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 02:46:51 Archeoaevis is down easily. My team is White Mage/Berserker/Samurai/Geomancer. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 03:01:29 I'm going to call the combination of silence and !Zeninage against Purobolos "hush money." #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 16:08:05 Confuse-a-Cat helped Topple-a-Titan, !White took the bite out of the last meteor boss, time to jump in swirling green energy. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 16:11:20 Greetings from Bottomless Bog. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 16:29:01 !Mineuchi on a white mage means you can hit confused enemies with a flail and they are just as confused as you are as to how that doesn't remove the status effect. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 17:01:54 The bridge is covered, but the party is now in Gloceana, not Madison County. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 18:44:09 Forgot to put a death sickle on for Dragon Pod. It didn't matter, I had !Gaia. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 19:41:40 Once again, it is time to link boats to standing structures. At least Xexat uses a subterranean cave and explosives, not just ductwork. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 21:22:26 !White really helps against Atomos when a berserk with a poison axe is your best damage (when you don't want to use !Zeninage to pay-to-win). #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-24 14:32:16 Didn't wait around for death sickle to take out the guardians, but with !White on three characters I could also keep up with casting reflect. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-24 19:39:56 World 2 done. I hadn't bought many hi-potions, but my supply barely held out along with some elixir use. Probably should have used Shirahidori. #FF5FJF2019