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2020-06-17 02:36:28 Berserker Time RTD.
2020-06-17 05:49:33 made super liberal use of emulator speed up and overleveled just to beat Liquid Flame. No more 4 Berserkers.
2020-06-17 12:58:30 I really hope I get healer for my Fifth Job because not having a healer class sort of sucks.
2020-06-17 13:14:32 Thank god I added fifth Job to my first run this year. I do not want double Zerkers for later
2020-06-18 07:50:49 Castle Exdeath-Exdeath fight is making me wonder if I am underleveled or not.
2020-06-18 09:36:20 I just want out of world 2 let me go Exdeath.
2020-06-19 01:04:59 Onto World 3 Healing merry go round never ends
2020-06-19 07:30:56 Gaia->Twister during Twintania charge + quick thinking leads to a lucky win
2020-06-19 16:06:01 all that's left is beating Neo Exdeath may unlock dualcast to do it.
2020-06-20 15:47:32 Quad Zerker for Fire Crystal in first run now Quad Thief for Second Run. Can I catch a break? q_q
2020-06-20 15:49:40 doing fire command early because I want to feel good or bad after fire crystal.