Current Run

Classic Job
White Mage Knight Thief White Mage

Previous Runs - 5

Run #1: Normal
Thief Time Mage Ninja Chemist
Run #2: Normal
Blue Mage Red Mage Beastmaster Chemist
Run #3: Normal
Black Mage Time Mage Geomancer Dragoon
Run #4: Normal
Black Mage Berserker Ranger Dancer
Run #5: Normal
Thief Summoner Ninja Samurai


Comment Time Comment
2019-06-18 09:52:19 Chemist unlocked! All party members are Level 26. Got to grind for Mix and then it’s time to take on Titan!
2019-06-19 05:33:46 Nothing but monsters from here on out!
2019-07-01 03:38:15 About to enter The Great Sea Trench! Run 3 is almost in the books!
2019-07-07 09:16:38 “From here on, it’s monsters all the way! Watch yourselves!”
2019-07-07 18:24:38 My entire party is at Level 30, my Thief and Samurai both know Dual Wield, My Summoner knows Throw, and my Ninja knows Level 5 Summon, and I am JUST NOW taking Krile the dragon grass. MIGHT BE just a little overpowered.....