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Pure Chaos
Red Mage Black Mage Thief Monk

Previous Runs - 6

Run #1: Normal
Knight Berserker Ranger Dancer
Run #2: Pure Chaos
Bard Berserker Black Mage Summoner
Run #3: Chaos Team 750
White Mage White Mage Time Mage Dancer
Run #4: Random Team No 750
Monk Knight Thief Beastmaster
Run #5: Chaos Team 750
Black Mage Dancer Geomancer Red Mage
Run #6: Forbidden Run
Knight Void Ranger Gladiator


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2018-07-11 20:01:42 The setup for Omega. Zombies wearing Flametongue Swords and Reflect Rings. I think I actually have >50% odds of success. https://t.co/g4zJZNpw2n
2018-07-11 20:16:16 First Try. https://t.co/4PqYRFr6Co
2018-07-15 17:53:23 I'm going to finish my current Fiesta offstream, given the time to do so. FFMQ practice and hosting RPGc-a-thon take priority next week!
2018-07-18 19:47:05 The dark flame solo grind in W1 is pretty good. 35 Rods broken and this is what happens. https://t.co/kFePd2GWnu