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Black Mage Berserker Chemist Cannoneer

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Run #1: Normal
Monk Time Mage Geomancer Chemist
Run #2: Classic Job
Black Mage Black Mage Knight White Mage
Run #3: Chaos
Red Mage Time Mage Beastmaster Ranger
Run #4: Pure Chaos
Beastmaster Time Mage Black Mage Chemist
Run #5: Chaos Team No 750
Knight Mystic Knight Thief Samurai


Comment Time Comment
2020-06-18 15:22:42 Grinding out turtle shells for Chemist goodness for the rest of the run - up to 70 now! Will get some more goodies later
2020-06-28 18:04:46 So proud of Galuf - this time he's putting up such a good fight against Exdeath (I mean, mostly because he has a reflect ring, but also he's hitting him pretty well)