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2019-06-24 01:25:23 beat Siren with Freelancers, now it's time to spice things up a bit. enabled all the jobs, time to turn Pure Chaos up to 11
2019-06-24 01:25:31 grade
2019-06-24 01:30:08 ignoring how I forgot to use the bot, my water job is berserker! meaning, I am immediately punished for my hacking. time to axe a lot of fools!
2019-06-25 09:38:00 finished the Fire Ship and Castle Escape with quadzerkers, really hoping I can get off these guys soon. only like 200 AP to go
2019-06-30 03:49:20 almost done grinding Equip Axes on my quadzerkers, kind of scared to upgrade off of my melee juggernauts
2019-06-30 04:51:28 so it turns out sword dance and equip axes is pretty fun