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White Mage Summoner Ninja Chemist


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2018-06-22 04:04:59 At Karnak. Next stop: Fire-Powered Ship! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-22 08:29:37 Castle Karnak is no more. Third job is... Ninja (joining White Mage and Summoner)! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-22 22:12:53 The Fire-Powered Ship has been repaired and I'm ready to set sail. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-23 07:26:19 I'm thinking my job assignments have been pretty great so far! No more Sandworm. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-23 22:37:50 "You shall not pass!" - Galuf-dalf #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-23 23:16:47 lol I took no damage. Bye bye Soul Cannon! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 01:30:28 No more Earth Crystal. Next job is... Chemist! So White Mage, Summoner, Ninja and Chemist. I do believe that's a home run! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 02:42:53 Good bye World 1! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 10:32:38 Apparently I have to farm materials for my Chemist in Drakenvale. Looks like I won't be progressing for a while! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-25 06:21:19 That's 4 Reflect Rings! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-25 10:01:36 Adiós Atomos! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-25 21:12:43 The Chemist is cool, but man there's a lot of farming! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-26 11:38:00 Calling it quits for today. Ready to tackle the Great Forest of Moore tomorrow! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-26 11:39:05 Calling it quits for today. Ready to tackle the Great Forest of Moore tomorrow! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-27 09:51:37 End of World 2! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-29 04:01:00 Got the second tablet! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-29 10:46:41 Third tablet! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-29 11:50:50 Fourth tablet and Leviathan! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-30 06:56:21 Twintania down! I missed the photo of Odin slicing it in to pieces. ☹️ #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-30 07:13:38 Necropobe down! Now, do I go back and try Shinryu or go after Exdeath? Either way, I have to take a break. Almost there! #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-30 09:07:02 Final party! #FF5FJF2018