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2019-06-17 17:27:11 And we're kickin' off this Fiesta with a solid group of Blue Mages. No more Necromancers and Dark Arts for me, now I've gotta go back to learning my enemy spells the old-fashoined way. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-19 17:58:51 Made my escape with a well-earned Elf Cape. Let's see you jerks hit me now! #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-22 06:52:25 If yesterday was To-Do List Thursday, today is Fiesta Friday! Can you believe it's already day 6 of Fiesta and I still haven't gotten to tweet out for a single new job yet? That's about to change, just as soon as I get this guy toadified. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-22 07:32:52 Ha! Oh right, silly me, I forgot that I signed up for "Berserker Risk" (aka "Berserker Guarantee"). No biggie, I'm not too far from Karnak, where I should(?) get another job. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-22 09:19:42 I was precariously under-potioned for the Karnak escape. I did end up getting every treasure and getting away without ever using a precious Hi-Potion or Elixir, but I missed my chance at Death Claw. Not resetting that one, though. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-22 10:41:04 And I've added Ranger to my repertoire. Sadly, Ranger and Zerker are a non-bo, as I have no way of pairing an Axe with Rapid Fire like I would want. Given this is an "Advance" run, this is gonna be my whole team for quite a while. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-22 11:31:44 Used magic on Skull Eater. I'd forgotten that he does this. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-22 13:04:00 Swapped back into two Blue Mages so I could make like Zeus and rain some lightning down on the non-believers. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-22 16:30:42 I've landed safely at Tent Island, where the local time is Tent O'Tent. I don't usually sell a lot of stuff in RPGs, but I fear this party might struggle for a while, so I stocked up on rods. Also, Oracle is still the only GBA job I've ever rolled. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-22 16:57:35 MUSIC!! #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-06 18:53:09 I guess the Killer Bow did its thing? I hit Gilgamesh, he died, then he began speaking from BEEEYOOOOOND THE GRAAAAAAVE. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-06 18:56:27 I swear, these Berserkers have just no sense of urgency. At least they have a good sense of how big axes should be and how to hit things with them. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-10 16:26:34 I was like "Crap, the Crystal bosses. What the heck am I gonna do here?" So I checked my sheet. Oh, right! Killer Bows on the Rangers. Death Sickle on the Zerker. Might wanna make your people mini, just in case you kill the Crystals too quickly. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-10 17:18:43 Game: Changed. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-11 17:35:59 I was mashing through battles on my way back to the save point when I saw this drop. Then I was like "Wait... Isn't that a thing?" I've never really used it before. With an Oracle coming my way eventually, maybe this is my ticket to beating Shinryu. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-11 18:38:27 E to the power of X equals Death, where X is any integer divisible by five, and also you have to cast this other spell first. Math is weird like that. I still don't know the timing, so rather than try counting, I just spam it until it finally lands. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-13 09:49:20 Guess I need Reflect Rings if I'm ever gonna get my Oracle. In other news, the !Animals command sometimes releases "Flying Squirrel", which bounces around the screen. Funny thing is, the little critter actually runs in front of the status display. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-17 16:40:22 The third tablet is always a pain in the butt with the damage floors. Except... I didn't realize Float makes you immune. Not sure why it didn't occur to me, given FF4 works the same. Poor, useless Geomancer. Why are you so much worse than Blue Mage? #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-17 18:21:27 Got my Oracle! My party is complete. Heading back to the Pyramid, which I dashed through to get Lenna (as is tradition), to now collect all the goodies. Getting a little time with with my soothsayer before heading to the Void. Also, that makes 30. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-21 06:17:42 Putting in a little time on the GBA run before heading to work. Into the Void we go! I thought I proooobably had enough time for Calofisteri before I had to leave, but I wasn't sure, and I can't drop and quick save mid-battle. She'll get hers soon. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-24 13:23:44 After a long day of working on stuff, relaxing with some FF5... before going back to working on stuff again later, lol. Calofisteri thought Reflect and Drain would save her against this team of the heaviest of hitters. She thought wrong. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-25 17:56:09 The bigger they are, the harder they dumb. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-25 18:56:11 I kept failing at getting Assassin's Dagger to land on this guy. Does using "Aim" make it not proc? Anyway, I saw what damage my 'Zerker was doing, and decided to just beat him up the old-fashioned way. Also, I suck at taking pictures. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-27 08:57:28 After taking care of some Reddit business, I went exploring some trails behind my new place, while doing a little level grinding. Oracle lets me skip all the monster encounters I want. But will it help me avoid the monster encounters on this trail? #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-01 18:05:24 "This little light of miiine.... I'll never give it to youuu...." Necrophobe went to one weird Sunday School. I put Reflect Ring on Zerker, so I could bounce Aerogas. This meant I had to spot one Barrier a Mighty Guard, and they still had no chance. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-01 18:07:40 Using Oracle ability to backtrack out and stock up on items. I ran along the top cliff here, jumped down in the waterfall, and said "Huh, where's Omega? I don't see him." Turns out, he was RIGHT UNDER MY FEET! The battle never triggered, though. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-01 18:13:45 Catching up on updates from the last couple days. I usually like to get an action shot, but I feel like this tells the story. The lucky berserkifying Power Staff drop I got in world 2, plus exactly 25 Phoenix Downs, took down the mighty dragon. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-01 18:19:57 Honestly, not much to say. Neo Exdeath was a joke. Blue Mage wins again! Oracle was also great at Oracle things and at wearing Gold Hairpin. This party was much better at beating up bad guys than standing still for pictures. (Or maybe that's Krile.) #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-03 14:02:30 Registered a new batch of runs to round out the Fiesta. All "Random" runs this time! The future's lookin' bright. #dealwithit #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-03 15:24:42 We're underway on a new random-upgrade run. I had to check to be sure, but this is my first all-Thief start ever. Somehow I missed that and all-White Mage all this time. A lot of grinding against these guys just to get usable weapons. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-03 18:08:57 My little speedsters are moving right along at a brisk pace. Well, mostly a brisk pace. Garula fight was a slog, with me starting at about 75 potions and winning with 3 left. But I got the Elven Mantle at zero cost thanks to !Flee. Now on to Karnak! #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-11 16:41:19 Before last night's big lightning storm, I got in some quad-Thief time, while watching the old Transformers movie. You mean I killed Liquid Flame and the Fire Crystal's still getting destroyed anyway? Oh shit, what are we gonna do now!? #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-16 04:54:23 And my poor Thieves have hit the wall that is Byblos. I definitely want the !Mug ability, so I'll grind up for that, and I'll steal a few Hi-Potions while I do it. I'll pass on Artful Dodger. Hopefully my next upgrade has something useful in store. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-16 07:05:27 Now up to 335 ABP (well, 336 technically, as my last fight gave me 2), and at 30 Hi-Potions. Hey ! It's time for that grade. Just something that kills Byblos. That's all I ask. :)
2019-08-16 08:41:15 My upgrade was another fighter class. Monk does have a small edge on Byblos, as fight counters don't trigger Drain. It was an eye-gougingly tedious fight. You can't even look away because you have to constantly heal. RIP all those stolen Hi-Potions. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-17 09:22:02 Got some nice luck taking out the two extra parts in one hit each, then spammed !Focus on the main cannon. Good thing I got him right as he was about to fire shot number two, otherwise I didn't really have another plan. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-17 09:26:06 First shot at this guy was a complete failure. Rather than hitting me so I could counter-attack and kill him, he just spammed Breath Wing. Using !Chakra every turn, and all my Hi-Potions, and I still couldn't stay ahead. Second try went by the book. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-21 05:26:25 The Punchapalooza tour I kicked off in world 1 has moved on to world 2. All the bad guys tremble at the thought of my hard hits and counter-attacks. Hoping to focus on this run for a while, at least until my next upgrade. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-21 07:22:49 The !Kick ability is simultaneously extremely useful against this boss and also extremely difficult to get an action shot of. Still about 500 ABP until my next upgrade, assuming I don't give up on the HP+30% ability. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-21 15:11:33 First shot at this fight was rough. I kept whiffing on both of them, which sucks when you're using !Focus. Finally got Enkidu down a ways from his starting HP of 4,000, only for him to Vampire away 3,800 HP back. The second attempt went much better. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-21 15:13:55 I did about two minutes of grinding for Reflect Rings before I said "Scah-rew this!" I'll just punch Exdeath to death the old-fashioned way, or if I that doesn't work, I'll try with a new job after the upgrade. Meanwhile, Atomos posed little danger. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-21 16:58:32 First attempt, I took out the front Crystal according to plan, but the back row Crystal kept hitting Lenna, who was only too happy to respond with critical hit counter-attacks. You can see how well that worked for me. Try #2 was successful, though. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-21 19:11:45 Is it weird that I really want Geomancer as my next upgrade? I haven't gotten it yet this year, it's low ABP, and it gives me some offense that isn't just hitting things. Meanwhile, Catoblepas didn't cooperate, but I did get Carbuncle, just in case. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-22 18:20:34 I tried Exdeath a couple times at level 31, and it didn't go so well. Rather than grinding attempts, I decided my time would be better spent grinding levels. Returned at level 34 (with maxed Monks), and kicked his ass. I didn't even use any Elixirs! #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-22 18:48:13 And my new world upgrade is... White Mage! As you can sorta see. As for offense, the punch-fest continues, sans counters and !Focus, but it's nice to know I'll have the Holy spell eventually. For now, I'm mostly limited to spells they sold in Tule. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-24 15:40:17 A whole slew of updates. Met up with a couple old friends on Thursday, one of whom was in town from upstate NY. Brought my GBA for some to-go Fiesta while waiting at a fine local eatery. I finally found that offensive magic I was looking for, sorta. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-24 17:29:34 I made an attempt at Omniscient earlier, and between his healing and reflected attack spells, his HP hovered around its max. Tonight, it's definitely going down over time. Not sure why. Maybe he's on a different cycle of spells? #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-24 17:46:55 I decided, since Omniscient was nice enough to meet me halfway, I should do my part and more actively finish the job, just in case he gets back to healing. Used Silence-then-punch to bring him to hellbent mode. Now I can get my final upgrade! #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-28 16:28:21 Funny how an hours-long power outage will totally derail your plans. With no access to my PC run, it was back to GBA for a while, as the sun set. Stole some Mirage Vests for my new Knights, which was made easier with actual Steal ability. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-28 16:31:07 It wasn't necessary to go this far out of my way for one more Aegis Shield for my party of plucky paladins. But thanks to their experience as Thieves, it was a quick and elusive hike. They may be warriors of noble virtue, but they've seen some shit. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-28 16:33:07 And just like that, we were off into the Rift! Four White Knights wielding holy swords in one hand and holy magic in the other. Calofisetri was the first to bite the dust, but certainly not the last. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-28 16:35:09 You know, this whole Fiesta, I never did visit these Alte Roites boxed up in those cages. (Or if I did, I can't remember.) My only Dancer run, I was just desperate to get to NXD to cheese him with Bard strats. Nothing to be gained here, but why not? #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-28 16:38:09 Now that was a quick Rift. My hubris again had me going straight from Twintania to Necrophobe, but unlike last time, I paid no price for my chutzpah, thanks to starting out casting Shell on each character. I did forget to steal Genji gear, though. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-28 16:41:30 I hilariously botched my attempt at setting up the Knight Guard strat on Shinryu. I then switched to just mass-casting Blink. Speaking of hubris, I thought "Why not berserk everyone but Bartz?" You can see how that ended up. WITH THE WIN HAHAHA!! #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-31 07:22:55 I'd started a movie to watch while level-grinding another run. Except, I accidentally won. At level 37. Surely, if that ragtag rabble of irregulars could take down the mighty Neo Exdeath at level 37, this chorus of pious Paladins could do no less! #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-31 07:25:17 As expected, white knights with white magic, and their white capes, on their white horses, had no problem with this guy. Safe and Shell on each character created a pseudo-Mighty Guard. I took out Grand Cross quick, and Almagest at my leisure. GG. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-31 16:03:45 I've done two random upgrade runs now, and they've both been awesome. My only regret with these paladins was, if I knew they would end with Knight, I totally would've done Brave Blade, Thief abilities be damned. Maybe do that with Job Fair one year. #FF5FJF2019