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2020-06-17 13:46:46 And for the third year in the row, Steam refuses to work for me. Not sure why, it worked perfect my first Fiesta in 2017. Fiddled with monitor settings, eventually got it to run just long enough for me to mis-enter Bartz's name, then crash. Off to GBA, I guess.
2020-06-17 18:18:13 Had to ditch Steam for GBA. Managed to get a small start on this run before the GBA battery gave out. My future Black Mages swung some swords, taking down Wing Raptor on his first cycle. Soon, we start playing with fire! (And rods! And Fire Rods!) #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-18 22:24:00 So close to first try Elven Mantle. Nearly got to the chest without an encounter. Second fight on the return, I got pummeled, burning through every Phoenix Down I had and dying anyway. I did manage to get it on my second try, which is still awesome. #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-20 18:52:27 "We're the Fraternal Order of Black Mages, Guild Local 750." "Uh-huh. And who's that guy?" "Who?" "Him! Wearing the animal hides, swinging a giant axe..." "Oh, him? He just likes grunting and hitting things." #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-20 19:11:40 I'm about to go sail off and pick up my fire job, Bard. Do-re-mi-do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do!! In the interest of expediency, I've been skipping piano day. But now I'll have to go back and get my PIANO FUHLEXXAH!!! #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-21 01:41:14 Ahhhhhh yeah! Bard into Chemist! This might be an Enuo party, even with the Berserker (who went off to the next world). I was ready to use Levisalve against Titan when I was reminded, once again, the Chemist default is !Drink. Goliath Tonic worked. #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-25 19:53:26 MUSIC!! #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-25 20:00:31 I have a personal rule with Tyrannosaur that I don't do the Phoenix Down easy kill because it's job-agnostic. I limit myself to class-specific cheese strats. Here I used Chemist's Mix ability, on a revive mix which happens to include a Phoenix Down. #FF5FJF2020