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2019-06-21 16:04:22 Kicking off a Four Job Fiesta run on the Super Famicom version. No, I don't read a lick of Japanese, but I know my way around this game. The past two years, I used SFC version for two FF1-style runs. Branching out this year with a Chaos Natural run. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-21 17:30:02 Still no jobs. The Patron Saint of Uncontrollable Rage has already blessed me with a Berserker, but of course I have to get to Walse. Didn't feel right to use a rod here when I have no rod jobs yet. Thankfully, Magissa and Forza are weak to swords. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-25 17:16:43 Having some fun with freelancers while I can. Whips and Axes and Samurai blades and WHO'S RINGING THAT DAMN BELL!? #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-25 17:54:30 In breaking with tradition, I've been skipping the pianos on non-Bard runs. Trying to get in the habit of skipping extraneous stuff in general. But I got my water job, and it's a future-dated Bard. You know what that means! P-I-A-N-O-F-L-E-X-A-H!!! #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-26 04:48:35 Technically rods are legal against Liquid Flame, even though I haven't unlocked any rod classes yet. But I figured, why be so quick to break up this beautiful symphony of wacky Freelancer weapons just yet? #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-26 04:50:29 Halfway through the Liquid Flame fight, I realized I'd forgotten to buy rods, which I _was_ intending to use against these guys. But I figured I'd play it out. Didn't think about the fact this whip makes these guys a lot easier. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-26 05:24:44 Finished Karnak with a whole 6 seconds left. I have a Dancer in the mail, which means more Freelancin' fun time with weapons. My rod embargo doesn't apply to Ifrit and definitely not to Byblos. As you can see, still figuring out which rod is which. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-28 05:10:57 Got to Crescent Island, which means I finally got my Bard. I..... think that's a Bard? Looks sorta Bard-like? Meanwhile, fun times with weapons continues, with an upgrade to Blitz Whip. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-28 05:16:46 Sandworm was Sandworm. Tried a few times until Zerk actually connected his first two hits! It's nice when your character helps you rather than actively hurting you. I did have to use my last Hi-Potion on Faris, but Mighty March came through. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-28 05:20:10 I was concerned about these four side-fights entering the Ruins. I seemed to be set up to fight the rockets, but I wasn't sure I had what I needed to take on the flame throwers. But Lady Luck smiled, as all four encounters ended up being rockets. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-28 06:32:12 And my fourth job is... another Dancer! Zerk-Bard-Dancer-Dancer on natural might be tough, but I'll do my best. No, I'm not here to recruit one of those lovely gals as my second Dancer. Just playing all these pianners and stuff before world 2. #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-28 06:36:48 With a Berserker, a Dancer, and a Bard, I was afraid this Purobolos fight would be an endless pit of misery and despair. Thankfully, the calming song prevents them from casting Arise on death (and also thankfully, I figured out which song is which). #FF5FJF2019
2019-06-28 06:46:22 Gilgamesh was no match for Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance. (Well, on my third try, anyway.) #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-06 18:47:34 Brought my mini SNES with me to my folks', so I could ditch the computer monitor and enjoy the MUSIC! Gilgy kept kicking my ass, though. Having exhausted other possibilities, I was reduced to hiding and leaving the game on until he exhausts his MP. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-06 19:00:46 I did it!! On my second shot at leaving the game on overnight, and after grinding four more levels, I barely barely got there with one Phoenix Down and zero Hi-Potions left. So much relief landing that clutch Sword Dance. And yes, I did get to save. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-19 09:26:16 Honing my mad piano skills in Regole. While I've been keeping good pace on my other FJF runs (despite having a lot on my plate right now), this one has fallen way behind. Looking to correct that today and tomorrow, maybe even pull a last-to-first. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-19 12:37:07 Galuf really loves his moogle costume. We've tried to talk to him about it. No success yet. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-19 13:30:59 Running SNES mini on a computer monitor, so no music. That's fine normally, but here, it just wouldn't be right not to throw up some Clash on the Big Bridge over on the other side. Also... Holy crap, is that Erdrick's Sword? Didn't he die in FF1? #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-19 17:35:06 This guy was a bigger obstacle than I was expecting. These "natural" runs are rough when your party's kinda iffy. After many failed attempts, I finally got a run that worked, with the added insult that after all that trying, it wasn't even close. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 07:15:07 Ugh, this fight was eye-gougingly tedious. Finally got the right sequence, reducing down to one Crystal my floaty Bard could come out of hiding to finish off. Not gonna lie, not really enjoying this run. Hoping to put it out of its misery soon. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 08:42:23 Time to go make some food. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 10:46:26 You'd think it was your Bard always playing the piano and honing their skills, but with Lenna gone, she obviously isn't the one. I'd like to think it's my Berserker, sitting at that piano bench, hammering those keys with his usual mindless ferocity. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 12:40:57 Wasting exactly zero time on this one. One tablet, one Lenna, three weapons, one piano, two songs, and one item shop visit later, and I am in the Void, on my way to a merciful end. Maybe some day, I'll get a Sword Dance here. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 13:30:12 I was prepared to hide and wait out all of Azulmagia's MP, but I figured my other three could give it a decent shot. All my bad Sword Dance luck came around, with three big ones right up top, and a final one right when I needed it. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 14:07:49 Had to leave the Void to get float status, but thankfully, Bard with haste makes that easy with hide-and-flee. Rather than use a bunch of items restoring my team, I think I'll settle for a single Phoenix Down and go start some laundry. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 14:43:00 Took care of Hali, not too much trouble. That should be my last straight-up boss fight of this run. I have cheese strats (which I hope will work) all the way from here. Each of these involves hiding a Bard away for safe-keeping. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 16:09:33 I thought I might be able to cheese NXD with the whole hidden-Bard, reflected-zombies trick. Problem is, early tree form doesn't do any damaging magic to be reflected. Gonna see if I can modify my set-up. A fair fight with this crew will not be fun. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 17:15:32 Well, this is super-unfortunate. I installed this on SNES mini at the start of Fiesta, just to do something different. Seemed to work great, worked fine all the way to here. But now the game crashes right in the final boss transition. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-20 17:15:33 I missed it out of frame in that video, but right when the screen goes black, you see some red and green garbage along the bottom, indicating the monitor was still getting a signal, just one of a crashed game.
2019-07-20 17:15:34 Anyway, I already wasn't too fond of this run, and was hoping to see it done soon. This'll be my first Fiesta run I technically fail to finish. But the fact that I got this far, with a plan for NXD, feels like a moral victory rather than a complete failure.
2019-07-21 04:35:50 Still haven't quite settled on how to proceed. I'll probably end up abandoning this run, due to the circumstances. Usually I do a victory collage of my characters, as shown in the ending. This time, it's a failure collage, taken from my final save. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-27 15:33:15 Good news! It sounds like I have a reprieve from RK on this run. On the left is an old FJF save on my PC which I can turn into an approximation of the mini SNES file, which I can then use (limiting to current jobs and abilities) to go finish this. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-27 17:32:56 Okay, so I have my party all set back up as before. I tracked down the same equipment (which I can't read), and even matched basic item totals. Gold and reserve equipment are a mismatch. Nothing I can do about higher levels, but that may not matter. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-28 17:43:30 Alright! After a few failed attempts, I got through tree form, got to the transition, and the transition is successful. Now... to leave it on overnight and see what happens. My hope is, one section remaining, out of MP. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-28 18:01:38 So far, so good. I came back from kitty-scratchin's just in time to see the Almagest part eat a reflected Delta Attack, so that's one down. My biggest worry was Grand Cross, but so far no prob. Ribbon oddly prevents every bad status except zombie. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-29 03:11:24 I got up early morning to take a whiz, and saw NXD was spamming Meteor. He was down to his last part, which is good, but I wondered, "Does he actually run out of MP?" Got up later and saw this. YES HE DOES!! This'll still be tricky. Wish me luck. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-29 03:19:23 I timed my return to revive Faris before NXD got another turn. Then I fired off Magic Lamp. Unfortunately, it was NOT the Odin part that survived. It's the front face. No idea how much HP left. Still okay, but I'm burning Phoenix Downs. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-29 03:26:05 That jerk has survived two all-9s Sword Dances so far. Seems I got some bad luck on the random targeting, which I'd hoped would bring the different parts down more or less equally. 13 Phoenix Downs left, but I only had about 24 to start with. #FF5FJF2019
2019-07-29 03:34:02 IT WORKED! IT WORKED! EIGHTY-EIGHT MILES PER HOUR!! Oh, you have no idea how happy I am about this. I had zero idea if this would work. It wasn't in any guides I saw. It was a crazy thought. And I had zero other plans, besides grinding to infinitum. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-01 18:01:22 Here's the final stats shot for my salvaged SFC run. There are a bunch of extra abilities because I had to resume off an old save file due to SNES mini crashing on NXD. Mostly, I'm just glad I proved what I wanted to try actually worked. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-04 16:48:29 Starting out on a new Fiesta run, this time on SFC (RPGe translation). Not really paying attention, I mashed through, got on my chocobo, came here, and went "Wuuut?" Apparently, the earth itself looks different if you forget to talk to Galuf. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-05 17:40:11 Another first for me: My first all-White Mage start. I decided to cheat a little though, and grind up some levels in the Wind Shrine while I can still use real weapons, before I'm relegated to staves and a single flail. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-14 10:13:52 This guy took quite a while, with my wimpy healers doing about 8 damage a hit. But I was never in any danger, thanks to all that healing power. One of four all-White-Mage boss fights down, three to go. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-14 13:29:25 30 down, 1170 to go. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-14 14:50:39 Alright!! My first ever random roll of Time Mage in a Fiesta! I was hoping to get one on this version (RPGe translation of SFC), because of certain tricks you can do later. I cut ahead to Karnak for the Raise spell to avoid using Phoenix Downs here. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-14 16:16:41 The downside of getting the Time Mage I wanted is, it didn't give me any more offense than I had before with White Mages. Unless you count rods, which I stocked up on. Doing a lot of fleeing and rod-cracking in the hopes of expediting my third job. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-14 16:50:58 And job #3 is Blue Mage! Every job I could've gotten (random750) would've given me offensive magic, at least of a sort, but this is the only one that forces me to go find it first. At least I do now have offensive magic. And swords. Swords are good. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-16 12:18:28 Cruising right along. Haven't gone back to get everything for my Blue Mage, but I have what I need for now. Meanwhile, White Mage Galuf always reminds me of the Big Lebowski. The shades are a nice touch. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-16 19:10:43 Well this is weird. Prepping for my trip into the flying ruins, I saw Cid and Mid running around frantically. I decided to see what they had to say. But there was one spot, here on this stool, that was impassible. Turns out... It's invisible Mid #2? #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-17 04:43:16 Summoner!? SUMMONER!? Good gravy, this party is bonkers. The win is assured, just gotta play it out now. This is technically my second visit to Shiva this Fiesta, as I collected her on my "Don't know my next job yet, better be prepared" run. #FF5FJF2019
2019-08-24 17:20:55 Playing out the assured win here, while Omniscient pisses away his MP on my GBA. On my way to fight a foul, leafy demon. Stopped in for some vittles, Quelb style. Lord Kelger sure is proud of his Minecraft world. #FF5FJF2019