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2018-06-21 04:22:27 Played a little more on my tablet run last night before bed. I'll be getting a Bard slightly sooner than I'll be getting my Chemist. These chaos runs are hurting me. Got to Karnak and bought a few rods before the price went up.
2018-06-21 18:37:41 Somehow I had the impression that duplicates were possible on PureChaos and not on just Chaos, but I actually had that backwards. Chemist is awesome of course, but returns do diminish in multiples. Also... (sigh)... yet again stuck with Quad-Bears. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-23 15:50:07 The best part about dying is that you get to watch your favorite flashback cutscenes all over again. Too bad this is not one of them. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-23 16:07:51 No more of these freelancing gigs. Now that I've finally reached Bard, I am fully jobified. Let's hope I don't come down with stage fright. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 03:40:43 Trading Quad-Bears for Quad-Bards didn't help me here. I feel like I got pretty close that time, but I had to use every Elixir to do it. Some level grinding is in order. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 10:41:48 Had a nice rhythm going with Romeo's Ballad. If it had 100% accuracy, I never would've gotten hit, but after a while I did end up losing Bartz and Lenna. At that point I just went YOLO and got there for the rest. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 11:18:34 Immune to confuse, immune to calm, 2000 HP, and I deal about 20-40 per hit. I think I actually can take him down, even at this level, but it'll take a massive stack of Phoenix Downs to do it. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 15:01:53 I entered with 99 Phoenix Downs and left with 39, but our spoony heroes got the job done. Hopefully the next dungeon will be just as fun. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 15:24:45 Lovely little rocket launchers, let me sing you a lullaby. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-24 16:20:53 "Reveal, attack, hide. Reveal, attack, hide. Reveal, attack, hide." After a full half hour of playing hide-and-seek with a weapon of mass destruction, I can report that the power of music is not as great as the power of cowardly self-preservation. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-25 05:58:06 Whoever said music soothes the savage beast was a liar. Doing about 20 a clip, with not nearly enough healing. This guy is the last thing standing between me and my chemistry degree. Yeah, college is weird sometimes. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-26 13:30:18 Our songsters are still stuck at Archeoaevis. Having no other recourse, I've resorted to Quad-Zerk-vs-Sandworm levels of grinding. Last year, my four Berserkers finally took down Worm at level 38. We'll see if this year's Quad-Bards do any better. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-26 17:34:08 FK YEEEAH!! At level 34, with many farmed Elixirs, I took another shot. Aevis' first form still took little dagger damage, but his later forms were less resistant. Finally, blessedly, mercifully, I got there. This barbershop quartet is breaking up. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-26 17:59:12 And now, to go with my one surviving Bard (currently out on tour), I have two Chemists and a Geomancer. My "Team 750" party wouldn't know a rod from a broad sword. A pretty dumb party honestly, aside from the fact that I'll eventually learn Mix. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-26 18:27:34 "So I've got this idea for an opera..." "Are you still doing the bard thing?" "No, check this out! So there's a war between the East and the West, right? And these two lovers are separated. But then, this big purple octopus falls out of the sky..." #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-29 09:40:22 Made some progress on my tablet run before bed last night. I usually beat Tyrannosaur the cheap way, but if I've got Geomancer, might as well play this fight legit. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-29 09:43:11 Soooooo, the controls on tablet aren't terribly precise. This guy doesn't much like unannounced visits. #FF5FJF2018
2018-06-29 09:45:37 And at long last, I have arrived. My Bard's about to wreck some zombie faces. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-01 10:59:12 I normally never bother with Gil Turtle. But then I thought, hey, with Chemist and Geomancer, maybe give it a shot. I did end up winning, but at great expenditure of items, so I reset. I'll definitely come back and get him for real before World 3. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-04 12:06:50 And back to the Fiesta! This party doesn't have a lot of straight-forward hitting power, nor a full-party heal, but it's solid in every other way. Between Bard's Requiem and Geomancer's Cave-In, I've got Dragon Fangs for days. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-04 14:05:43 Made it all the way to the end of Gil Cave, killing two Gil Turtles in the process. Gaia ability was hit-or-miss, but Requiem was solid. Used a few Dragon Fangs, but really just drinks and Hi-Potions. Time to refill, then off to the Castle! #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-04 15:29:30 Aaaahhhh, soothing lava. Geomancer's always living it up. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-04 16:21:10 This is my party going into World 2 fight with Exdeath. Mastered Bard with each, and Geomancer with each except Krile. Very nearly got in my final party formation before World 3 (which would be crazy), but I'm a few Chemist ABPs short. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-11 03:52:22 Wanted my Chemists in the Minotaur fight, gonna try the ol' wait-him-out against Omniscient. Started at 11:30, we'll see if my tablet lasts that long. I did the Ether trick (cuts his MP down a lot), no word yet if it actually works on this version. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-11 07:08:10 About three hours in, and at about 67% charge remaining, and I've gotten the magic message (or perhaps the "out of magic" message). Maybe next time, I'll try without the Ether trick on tablet, see if there's a difference. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-16 15:54:53 Goliath Tonic > Gigaflare. (I might've used the "Shell" mix as well, I forget now.) #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-16 16:15:52 So I brought my tablet to work to play before work and during breaks, and I kinda accidentally just zipped through the entire boss rush to the end. Got the lucky petrify bounce on NXD, ran out of Dragon Fangs halfway through, but I got there. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-20 04:03:46 Turns out, I don't like giving up. :) #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-20 07:57:26 GOT HIM!!! Decided to skip any Bard nonsense and just go full on Chemist. Turns out Dark Matters aren't too hard to farm from Exdeath's ghost. Was running very low on healing items from using sub-optimal mix combos, but I got there just in time! #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-21 04:32:37 I was complaining about how this party didn't pack a lot of basic hitting power. Never thought about the fact that I can give my opponent "Dragon" type and then wail on it with Apollo's Harp. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-21 05:03:43 Easy peasy chicken squeezy. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-23 04:09:02 Not a fan of the idea of "Popular" run, nor of "Fifth Job", but I decided to do them together to cross them both off the list. Popular goes by Chaos rules. Glad I got a wind job so I don't have to play half of world 1 as Freelancers yet again. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-23 05:10:54 P-I-A-N-O-F-L-E-X-A-H #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-23 15:11:02 All praises to the God of Uncontrollable Rage! My suffering is over. I have at last been blessed with the Berserker of my prayers. In a "Popular" run, no less! It was not only God's will, it was the will of my people that I be so honored. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-26 19:59:08 Had my OBS pressed into service for a little while. Got a temporary Ninja for my fourth job! "Fifth Job" is kinda like "Forbidden", except instead of being in the dark on what job you're going to lose, you already know you're losing your Ninja. :P #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-26 20:01:29 Not a fan of "Fifth Job", but I will admit one interesting part is that you don't know your last job before leaving World 1, which means you have to be prepared for anything. #FF5FJF2018
2018-07-26 20:37:34 Not a fan of "Fifth Job", but I will admit one interesting part is that you don't know your last job before leaving World 1, which means you have to be prepared for anything. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-01 08:58:37 Getting ever closer to that fifth job. I try not to rely on "Kill the Berserker" boss strats too much, but having one dead member is already legit tech against Atomos, and having it be your Zerker means you can maintain sleep lock. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-01 10:11:31 Making good use of my loaner Ninja and related abilities to farm some ABP and money. I mean, gotta use all these scrolls I keep buying while I can, right? #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-01 11:00:08 lol #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-04 08:25:28 Lost my Ninja, gained a Mystic Knight, which I already had most of the spells for. Wasn't really prepared for Exdeath, but I showed up and slinged Bolt3s until he blew up, no problemo. Caught him right on his death flash, too! #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-04 08:36:52 Melusine, or "Mellusion", is not a fan of the Black Mages. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-12 17:49:11 "I'm a joker... I'm a smoker... and I just kiiiiilled Stoker." #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-17 20:14:37 Azulmagia was kind enough to lend me his save point. Permanently. This is as good a point as any to call it a night. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-20 14:08:41 So this is a thing. Seems I sold the Magic Lamp? I didn't even know that was possible but it's gone. I rarely sell anything in RPGs, but I did on this file to buy a couple high-end items. This doesn't hose me, but NXD will be a bit more interesting. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-20 15:56:11 One super-boss down. I've never actually tried the Romeo's Ballad technique on Omega before. (I tried it earlier this Fiesta, but it wouldn't work for me on the mobile version.) Having a quick threat in Mystic Knight certainly didn't hurt. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-20 16:48:42 Necrophobe fight was easier than I expected. I usually use two charges of Magic Lamp to weaken the barriers, and set up Odin for NXD. This time, I had to mostly rely on lucky bounces of Flare. Fortunately, they mostly landed where I wanted them to. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-20 17:36:06 I know I made fun of it earlier, but Berserker wailing on the Apollo Harp actually was the best move here. She even immediately attacked whenever I revived her. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-20 18:59:17 A very tensionless NXD fight. No Almagest thanks to Break Spellblade. No Grand Cross thanks to Apollo Harp. The only thing I had to worry about was counting HP, since I didn't have Lamp. The 4x Hermes Sandals strategy was solid. I may try that more. #FF5FJF2018