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Random Team No 750
Thief Mystic Knight Ninja Knight

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Run #1: Random
Thief Berserker Ninja Chemist
Run #2: Random Team 750
White Mage Time Mage Blue Mage Black Mage


Comment Time Comment
2018-06-19 01:37:29 Let the thievery begin. (Shenenigans not included.) Next update on killing Siren
2018-06-19 02:23:52 Siren down. 5 deaths to be had but thankfully had all up for the ABP. COUNT.... D: 5 G: 0 R: 0
2018-06-19 03:20:58 GARULA DOWN!
2018-06-19 04:21:57 Castle just finished.. got the elven mantle + main gauche...
2018-06-19 09:26:49 Almost got wiped, but the wave cannon missed the one still living. One more lit scroll killed it…
2018-06-20 22:56:27 Currently at the entrance to the Forest of Moore progress-wise; will probably grind some AP by un-*Break-ing some Objets D'Art
2018-06-21 00:43:12 Death Sickle ftw! Crystals DOWN!
2018-06-21 02:19:47 Exdeath World2 down! Mixed my way to success (sorta).
2018-06-21 02:21:42 Totals after World 2: 26 deaths. 2 Game Overs. 11 resets.
2018-06-21 07:16:49 After getting drunk on Samson's Might, Melusine down!
2018-06-22 10:46:26 Folding. I owe the charity $30. Hopefully I can scrap and start again - Steam version FFV will not behave with OBS.
2018-06-22 10:47:06 Once I can start again, it will be recorded, it will be the GBA version via VBA-M, and you all will know I'm not fooling.
2018-06-22 22:28:59 Totals after Neo Exdeath: 53 deaths, 8 Game Overs, 21 Resets.
2018-06-22 23:31:17 Don't get me wrong. I will still be donating $30, but not for the initial reason. $10 for the first run, $10 for that victory, and $10 for the new run.
2018-06-23 03:13:59 T750: Karlabos done. White Mages advance.
2018-06-23 05:42:22 Garula down :)
2018-07-01 22:35:56 I didn't forget! There's just been so much on the table the past week. The Team750 struggle will resume soon! 1-2 days, I promise.
2018-07-04 05:31:29 We in, boys!
2018-07-05 03:09:08 TFW you have to wait until the fleet riot to get the Death Claw BM from Gilgamesh because you didn't get blue mage until after Iron Claw...
2018-07-07 07:23:16 Put a dimensional portal to sleep and put him out of his misery. Atomos down!
2018-07-07 08:58:28 World 3, here we come?
2018-07-07 11:24:12 Blue Mage sword danced Minotaur and our mages took care of Omniscient! Fork Tower down!
2018-07-07 13:40:26 Necrophobe, Shin... YOU'RE NEXT, EXDEATH!
2018-07-07 23:08:34 It is done, everyone. I got Last Standed but my black mage gave the last part of Neo Exdeath hell. Final stats pictures soon.
2018-07-07 23:11:44 I will be donating $30 this Thursday: 5 for entry 10 for Random win 10 for Random Team750 win 5 for Random Team750 Shinryu no-wipe Rand T750 total: 42 deaths, 33 resets, 3 game overs
2018-07-12 01:15:48 #RandNo750 grade
2018-07-21 22:26:53 Garula down.
2018-08-03 23:54:49 Welp.. looks like I'll be donating *and* Job Fair-ing at the same time. Might as well put it to good use. Also, yes, finally managed Archeoaevis. Ancient birb. w/e
2018-08-04 19:33:51 I did not back down on my pledge promises. So here's $̶2̶5̶ $27 for the challenge (+$2 because I had to job fair). $5 entry, $10 each for two successful Fiestas.
2018-08-05 20:01:43 Currently headed to Drakenvale. Starting a bit of a money grind, too -- dragon fangs are 2500g a piece. This is for the -ga trio in Moore.
2018-08-07 23:58:27 Glad Steam version has auto mode for fights. Grinds would be hella tedious without it. Getting some extra ABP / money for shurikens before the Crystals
2018-08-08 00:55:35 Crystals down! #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-09 04:03:55 World 2 has ended. Of course, stole reflect rings from Carbuncle to help. #FF5FJF2018
2018-08-17 07:21:36 Looks like I won't be hitting the deadline for Team No 750. But what happened this year was fun. See you all next year. Folding.