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2018-06-23 01:23:26 Time to start my fiesta run for this year, Black Mage for my first job. Should be fun.
2018-06-24 04:01:32 Oh wow. Managed to bork my save file already so I can't even get into my game. Good thing I'd only got up to just before the water crystal. Here we go again...
2018-06-25 03:43:24 Got to the water crystal and got Berserker for my second job (saw that coming). Made a hard job of it with Garula though, just having Bartz left at the end with about 6hp. So that's a party of BLM, BER, BLM, BLM fo rnow.
2018-06-26 05:03:39 Bard for my fire crystal job, should be fun. I'll finally have a use for all that piano playing!
2018-06-29 04:51:18 Had a couple of close calls with those pesky Dhorme Chimeras.
2018-07-01 05:17:12 Gladiator for my earth job. Won't be able to use it for a while but could be worse!