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Pure Chaos
Monk Mystic Knight Black Mage Summoner


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2019-06-18 16:38:18 Time to get #ffv4jf2019 underway with a pure chaos run! Starting with Monk, we'll see how it goes from there!
2019-07-24 16:10:14 #run1 greets everyone from tent island! Pure Chaos run with Monk, Black Mage, Mystic Knight, and Summoner. https://t.co/Pew77imAfM
2019-08-01 19:05:24 This years final party! I must say this party generated what I believe to be a first on the Neo-Exdeath fight in that Neo did not cast a single Almagest or Grand Cross. It was literally the easiest exdeath fight I've ever had to deal with. https://t.co/NQ3Fd4lw8t