Current Run

Team 750
Black Mage Red Mage Bard Chemist

Previous Runs - 10

Run #1: Chaos
Geomancer Geomancer Summoner Berserker
Run #2: Normal
Black Mage Summoner Beastmaster Chemist
Run #3: Random
Blue Mage Black Mage Mystic Knight Time Mage
Run #4: Pure Chaos
Mystic Knight Ranger Monk Red Mage
Run #5: Popular Run
Blue Mage Time Mage Summoner Blue Mage
Run #6: Pure Chaos
Ninja Dragoon Berserker Blue Mage
Run #7: Classic Job
White Mage Black Mage Monk Knight
Run #8: Random
Knight White Mage Geomancer Summoner
Run #9: Chaos
Geomancer Samurai Geomancer Blue Mage
Run #10: Chaos Team 750
Chemist Chemist Knight Summoner


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2019-06-22 15:14:23 Geomancer is the new Red Mage. Fuck that class. It's all right, even in Natural...but only if you have something else to help through Ifrit or SolCannon.