Pledges - Final Fantasy Five Four Job Fiesta

Pledge Time Pledger Pledge
2020-08-22 07:52:21 kiljan #pledge A dollar for every year of my life, which'd be 29 this time, whether I end the run or not. ;)
2020-08-20 21:49:55 kespethdude A few hiccups due to blunder in capturing omega defeat, but I'll #pledge $50.
2020-08-08 08:30:40 VityBoy #pledge I'm in for 25.. Lets see if I can finish this.
2020-08-07 03:42:36 Muldunedain #Pledge $50 period, $100 if I fail!
2020-07-25 03:47:30 LoneKiltedNinja #pledge $1 per hour the (casual) run takes, $100 if I don't finish, plus all channel bit/sub proceeds until I complete or abandon
2020-07-19 11:02:16 KetsaAndPepper #pledge $40 for finishing this for-funsies second run, $30 if I don't finish it by the end of the Fiesta
2020-07-19 09:17:08 PsYchoSCIW #Pledge If the $15,000 goal is met within the next month (by 8/18), I pledge to run Monk/Red/Geo/Dancer #FourJobFiesta2020
2020-07-19 09:02:44 b4k4s4m4 #pledge now that I did all the bosses 20 dollars for gilga
2020-07-19 04:28:42 troll_ascetic #pledge I'll give $20 and $10 more for finishing.
2020-07-17 09:32:18 doomcup #pledge $5 for just attempting the run, $10 if I complete it.
2020-07-14 09:31:14 LordSeraphicat #pledge UPDATE: Due to situations beyond control, I have decided to pledge $50 at the end of the Fiesta run regardless of completion. This supersedes the previous pledge made last week.
2020-07-14 03:45:49 supportshouxi #FF5FJF2020 I #pledge $50 for my first completed run and $25 for each additional run. Let's go, Blue Mages!
2020-07-10 00:33:22 svithiod Time to get real with the #FF5FJF2020 so I #pledge $2 per started hour ingame time plus $1 per wipe/reset in my next run, doubled up if I don't finish the run. Let's hope for quadserkers!
2020-07-09 21:11:35 9thChord With Zerks and Brave Blade, this party is getting beefy. So I #pledge to donate my beefiest character’s level upon beating NED #FF5FJF2020
2020-07-09 14:34:49 YukariKotozume Running ff5 job fiesta this year! I #pledge to donate $10 and a further $10 if I finish my run!
2020-07-08 06:55:06 LordSeraphicat - #pledge - since I am throwing a randomizer to the mix, and thus calling it FJF:Reloaded, things are harder. I will donate $1 per wipe, $10 per superboss/Exdeath win ($40 for Triple Crown) and an additional $10 per Advance boss killed.
2020-07-06 12:51:33 actionhero555 #pledge $50 for first completed run, and $20 for each run completed afterward.
2020-07-04 07:30:56 RedMgus_Clawmus #pledge $20
2020-06-28 13:47:53 RichardHelwig #Pledge I am donating $15 for everyone in my sub-group who achieves victory.
2020-06-28 13:44:04 RichardHelwig #Pledge
2020-06-28 11:54:53 revolveroctorok Have mercy RNGesus. First time FJF, #pledge $50 dollars for a completed run $100 for incomplete run, $1 for every game over. Happy to support Color of Change and work to a better future. #regRand
2020-06-28 11:39:04 revolveroctorok Have mercy RNGesus. First time FJF, #pledge $50 dollars for a completed run $100 for incomplete run, $1 for every game over. Happy to support Color of Change and work to a better future. #regRand
2020-06-27 23:43:50 ChrisJValdez Gonna try this FFV Four Job Fiesta thing I've heard about for years. I'll #pledge $25 to @ColorofChange if I finish and $40 if I don't. #FF5FJF2020 #reg
2020-06-27 04:16:43 The_HelpR About to start a 4 job fiesta on stream! ff5 4 job fiesta is a final fantasy 5 run with randomized jobs. I'll #pledge $20 if I finish the run, $40 if I don't and $1 for each game over to Color of change Stream: #regRand #fifthjob
2020-06-26 07:49:19 Kumadamada #pledge $25 if I beat this run and $50 if I don't. $1 for any game over, $20 if I game over on the final boss or Gilgamesh. If I roll only mages I'll throw in an extra $10. If I'm morally opposed to any of the jobs I roll, it'll be $20 to beg GilgaBot for another.
2020-06-24 04:26:08 int_output #pledge $25 since the roulette was not exactly fair to most of you and I have decided to go ahead and pledge the agreed minimum I was going to pledge anyway. Good luck with the Fiesta, peeps!
2020-06-24 00:58:36 BEBOP_COLA_GOOD #pledge I pledge $20 for each run I complete and $40 for each run I don't complete (looking at you, last year >:| )
2020-06-21 23:24:32 DraimanBelieve I #pledge to donate $25 if I complete my Classic Run of FFV and $50 if I fail to complete it. I am asking for $1 to be donated from each person who watches my stream.
2020-06-21 09:57:09 nyttelost I #pledge to donate $10 for every run I complete or portion thereof. In addition, I'm asking my followers to donate directly, and I'll match donations they make to me (up to $50), to be donated at the end of Fiesta Season.
2020-06-21 09:45:18 iH8Lucy Tonight I am pledging a starting donation of $30 regardless of completion, plus I will match anything my stream watchers donate up to $50 (mama is poor right now) #pledge
2020-06-20 12:49:51 dynamojoe87 #pledge I pledge to donate $50 regardless of completion, and another $25 if I manage to defeat Exdeath.
2020-06-20 12:05:33 RubellaRusk #pledge @weirdbias
2020-06-18 10:42:22 JackimusWedge KJaden8912, who does not have twitter, would like to #pledge $50 dollars if @MisterEntity finishes reading Worlds of Power- Castlevania on stream throughout the event
2020-06-18 10:34:49 JackimusWedge I #pledge $1 per chapter of Worlds of Power books @MisterEntity reads throughout the fiesta while grinding
2020-06-18 09:47:58 DraconicFenix I #pledge to reroll any Dancer, Chemist, or Bard jobs during my first run (possible other sets of guaranteed rerolls in later runs), as well as a Wind Crystal White Mage. These are things I have done too much and cannot make myself do again.
2020-06-18 04:33:26 checkeredshorts I #pledge $50 if I don't finish, $1 for every game over, $20 if I beat exdeath, and $10 for every character who is dead when/if I beat exdeath
2020-06-18 03:01:43 mlindberg82 I #pledge $0.01 for every Exdeath Exterminator globally (rounded up to whole $), as well as $5 for each Exdeath Exterminator of my own
2020-06-17 22:50:00 DefectiveAsh I #pledge $1 per character death, $2 each game over, $5 per crystal, $15 for each superboss victory, $25 Exdeath, $50 if I forfeit the run. I will give my pledge amount after each stream session.
2020-06-17 07:12:02 KB_Equinox btw my #pledge is to donate $1 for every game over in the run! Right now I'm sitting at $5, but I'm sure that will be much higher by the end lol.
2020-06-17 04:26:24 Babybahamut My #pledge for #FF5FJF2020 is to add $1 to the Butts Jar every time one of my character names makes me giggle. (You'll notice it's at $5 already and I haven't even started playing yet. Gonna bankrupt myself before I get Water jobs.)
2020-06-17 04:16:34 Shinino_Kage #Pledge $20 base, $5 per crystal, $10 if I win (per win), $20 if I don't win, $1 per full wipe (current total: $26)
2020-06-17 04:14:30 Centroid_41 I #pledge base amount of $10, plus $10 for each run I complete
2020-06-17 04:07:29 Severalowls I #pledge $1 up to $100 for every wipe/game over, to donate at the end of each game session. Plus $20 if I fail to finish, or $10 if I do.
2020-06-17 03:02:13 Kithmar #pledge Pledging $25 for finish, $50 if I forfeit. Plus, $1 per character death, $1 per wipe (making a wipe total $5). Also, all bits and donations during my stream.
2020-06-16 22:09:29 int_output #pledge Donated $30 since I failed to complete that TeamNo750 run in '18 and I wasn't sure if I pitched it in '18
2020-06-16 21:12:23 JuliusTheOrange I #pledge 10 USD for every run completed and for every superboss cleared.
2020-06-16 15:08:26 EndevinLP I #pledge $20 per cleared run and $10 per superboss victory.
2020-06-16 10:44:40 AnxiousNgineer This is my first time ever participating in the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta. I #pledge $50 to show support for the black community and fight racial injustice and inequity.
2020-06-16 09:09:39 RlyehSurfClub #pledge $100 for a win, $25 for each super boss death, $1 per wipe
2020-06-16 08:57:35 ohsixthirty I #pledge $10 per crystal, $5 each for Omega and Shinryu, and $10 for defeating Exdeath. #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-16 06:40:09 DoglegsChampion I pledge $3 get these jobs (By which, I mean get rid of berserker. I've had my fill) - ??? #changeXXX???XXXXXX3 While I'm at it, I #pledge $10 if I finish my run, $30 if I don't. and $10 each for @billbotics and @Jaykay3354 finishing their runs.
2020-06-16 06:09:24 InkyCompass I #pledge $5 for each job unlocked, $10 for completion, and $1 for every game over
2020-06-16 05:51:21 Shinino_Kage #Pledge $20 base, $5 per crystal, $10 if I win (per win), $20 if I don't win. More to be determined.
2020-06-16 05:40:04 randomguy664 #pledge $2 for every victory plus $1 for every Red Mage and Beastmaster. Paid at end of fest.
2020-06-16 04:25:24 jutke13 #Pledge I pledge $20 if I complete my run, $40 if I do not. In addition, I pledge $10 each if @MarGar_MN, @lebowski13377, @MJLindemann, and @blahsi complete a run of their own. #FF5FJF2020 has begun!
2020-06-16 02:07:48 clarkbrian I #pledge $10 per crystal, $1 per Blue Magic learned, and $20 for NED. As promised, this is double what I gave last year. I'll also throw in an extra $5 for each super boss I beat, but don't count on it! #FF5FJF2020
2020-06-16 01:12:17 jordaytee #pledge $5 for every run my friends or I complete. $1 for every time I get a game over. $5 every time I get frustrated and stop playing the game for a week mid-run. $2 for every run I don't get all 4 tablets.
2020-06-15 22:20:49 int_output #pledge $2 up to a max of $50 for anyone who has landed Monk, White Mage, Blue Mage and Chemist for their run and successfully slay Neo Exdeath! Also applies to anyone wo gets White/Red/Blue/Black as Team750! Victors, reply with verification. I pitch 15 Jul 2020!
2020-06-15 10:43:34 KetsaAndPepper #pledge $3 for every Elixir in my inventory at the end of the run, $5 for every elixir used during my run, and $50 because my SNES mini died before I finished last year's run (which would've probably been about 50)
2020-06-15 01:23:02 kespethdude To help fight racism AND also to help bersekerriskers get more berserkers, I #pledge $50, donated immediately.
2020-06-15 00:50:04 billbotics I #Pledge $25 each for a completed run by @Jaykay3354 and @DoglegsChampion. I will also pledge $25 for a completed run by myself, and $50 if I do not complete a run.
2020-06-14 17:54:37 ButzPain I #pledge $50 now bc I know Black Lives Matter & now's the time to put my 💰where my 💋 is. As a Fiesta noob I also I pledge $10 for every run I complete, $5 each for my first Shinryu/Omega wins (ever) & $0.25 for each time I abuse my emulator's save state function
2020-06-14 16:39:52 snugcrow i #pledge to do a four berserker run, paying for the job fair and all, if someone replies with a receipt of their $50+ donation.
2020-06-14 15:27:36 odinsmash #pledge time. This year, let's do $5 for every completed run, $3 for every superboss kill, and $2 everytime I pull a chemist or Bard.
2020-06-14 04:39:29 BeanyTwo #pledge I pledge $30 at the start and $5 for each crystal I reach. $20 more if I complete the run, $30 if I do not.
2020-06-13 23:56:53 Levottomuus1 #pledge I pledge $5 up front and a further $1 per every game over throughout the course of the event.
2020-06-13 09:00:24 DagobahJ This year I will #pledge $300 dollars at the start of my run, and $10 for every full party wipe while doing my first run.
2020-06-13 06:19:37 b4k4s4m4 #pledge I pledge $20 now and $5 for each run I or my friends complete
2020-06-12 17:34:10 KurtFunkle #pledge I pledge $20 for each successful run I complete, plus an additional $3 for each superboss defeated in each run
2020-06-11 23:35:50 Lorvanos #pledge I Pledge $3 for every run @eLmaGus1988 completes, cheers and good luck!
2020-06-11 08:29:04 Jjrunkcastgamin #pledge I will donate $5 for every crystal I reach and every crystal my friends reach. I will also donate $20 each time I or any of my friends beat the game
2020-06-09 15:45:34 Drakkona123 #pledge I pledge $10 for each completed run, and another $2.50 for each superboss I defeat, for a total of fifteen for triple crowns. I will also donate $0.50 for each person using a fully powered brave blade that messages me w/ screenshot. Discord @(Drakkona)#5505
2020-06-08 23:14:54 Beomech Hey , I'm going to #pledge $10 for each run I complete this year, and $50 for each one I 'don't' triple crown. Also an extra $20 for each damn chemist that makes its way into my team again.
2020-06-08 12:05:47 TysonMonagle Each year players play FF5 for great causes through . Last year we completed 2,790 runs, raising over $16K. This year benefits Minnesota Freedom Fund. I #pledge this year to donate $0.10 for EVERY run ANYONE completes. #BankruptMe?
2020-06-08 03:02:38 HotAndColdAF I #pledge $20 for every run I finish, $25 if I triple crown, $50 if I don't finish, and $10 for every run one of my friends finishes.
2020-06-07 19:06:24 Kazinsal I #pledge $20 for pre-registration, and another $20 if I get double-berserker and finish or another $100 if I get double-berserker and don't.
2020-06-06 09:03:08 JDogg2K10 #Pledge: $5 per TPK(Max $50) and an additional $50 if the run is abandoned.
2020-06-05 12:48:05 NeoPrismCell #pledge $100 by the end of the event regardless of how many runs I do, and $10 dollars for each completed run and every run I start/complete after
2020-06-05 00:55:15 Quadra1x #Pledge $50 now for a wonderful cause and $50 more once I finish a run!
2020-06-04 12:31:13 adv3r #pledge $25 now to help any small way I can, $5 for every berserker I get throughout, and $5 for every run finished
2020-06-03 10:00:20 Konato642 #pledge I pledge $50 immediately for justice for the Black Community, and an additional $15 for every run I complete this year.
2020-06-03 08:37:52 nenelightangel #Pledge $20 today and $20 if i beat it and someoene remind me
2020-06-02 04:42:03 jlohman711 I #pledge $20 to cover last year's pledge I couldn't afford, plus another $10 per run I complete this year or $20 if I don't finish.
2020-06-02 00:49:12 BregorSA #pledge $25 for a great cause (and more Berserkers)
2020-06-02 00:03:10 Fan0fToast #pledge $25 for preregistration, plus another $10 per Berserker I get during my first run. $7.50 for each Team750 job I get during all my runs. $5 for every completion I do and any additional runs I start or complete
2020-06-01 16:56:15 GaiaLancer I #pledge 20$ if I finally manage to complete a run. I've taken part in this for years and haven't been able to complete a run yet. I also add 1$ for every superboss I manage to beat.
2020-06-01 08:53:44 FF6SA #pledge $100 up front for the FJF this year. Maybe I'll do a job fair (haven't had to yet) but this should cover it.
2020-06-01 06:25:34 tlttp I #pledge $5 for every Neo Exdeath/Shinryuu/Omega I beat across my first 3 runs, with an extra $5 if I get two Berserkers in my initial run.
2020-06-01 06:19:06 2xie every year, a bunch of ppl play FINAL FANTASY V and donate money to a charity. this year, it's for @MNFreedomFund and orgs that MFF is asking funds to be diverted to. i'm pledging $50 at the start and end of my run, and matching friend pledges to $200. #pledge
2020-06-01 05:11:48 JRBergstrom #pledge I pledge $5 CAD for each of my completed runs, and $2.50 CAD for each Omega and Shinryu I manage to take down.
2020-06-01 05:01:19 gplowe92 I #pledge $20 when @IllusiveKen reads the note that Cid and Mid leave behind for the party in their workshop.
2020-06-01 03:53:48 kaydiv #pledge $200 at the start, plus $50 for each Aether/MCM member who completes a run
2020-06-01 03:12:25 gplowe92 . I #pledge $100 at the start of my run, and another $100 when I defeat Neo Ex-Death. I will also match any of my friends' pledges upon completion of their runs, up to $500 total.
2020-06-01 02:45:08 JuliusTheOrange #Pledge I pledge 1 USD for every time I make use of the quicksave glitch in the Game Boy Advance version of FF5 for the Fiesta.
2020-06-01 02:02:50 Kigalas #Pledge $10 for each completed run. $5 for each VictoryOmega and each VictoryShinryu
2020-06-01 01:25:42 fluentinnerd #Pledge I pledge $10 for each person within my sub-group that beats Archeoavis, with another $10 for each person that actually completes the run.
2020-06-01 00:09:05 PsYchoSCIW #Pledge I pledge $50 for preregistration and $10 per completed run: up to a maximum of $70 for 7 runs.