Pledges - Final Fantasy Five Four Job Fiesta

Pledge Time Pledger Pledge
2019-08-31 01:46:08 JuliusTheOrange I am adjusting my #pledge because I didn't keep the best record of my 1st run. Now it is not just 1 USD for every use of the quicksave glitch, but also 1 USD for resets to get specific random encounter formations.
2019-08-26 05:24:04 kespethdude Oh, and I forgot that if the void didn't kill a Zerker, I'd job fair the job I lost back. But it did, so I must #pledge an additional $20. My grand total is now $100, to be paid 9/3.
2019-08-25 22:22:13 kespethdude I #pledge an additional $50 for this. Will be paid on September 3. All my pledges will.
2019-08-15 13:53:11 NoAverageMitch #pledge I will pledge an additional $10 if I have the patience to beat the Quad-Berserker Challenge in FF5 before the end of the Four Job Fiesta!
2019-08-11 23:24:25 OmniOtterMan #pledge I pledge $10 for my victory ($1 for each party member, $5 for being the 5th game in the series).
2019-08-10 18:03:45 JRBergstrom #pledge I pledge $10 USD if I finish my run and $20 USD if I don’t :O
2019-08-06 02:18:36 patrickkeane64 #pledge I pledge that I'll donate $10 if I finish on time and $20 if I don't
2019-08-01 10:33:01 NoAverageMitch #pledge I pledge $10 for playing and $10 for completing my Pure Chaos attempt!
2019-08-01 02:58:44 hypershadic98 I #pledge to donate $20 if I don't finish in time.
2019-07-31 23:09:18 doanezonegaming #pledge I pledge $20 if I do not finish my ultimate challenge run by the end of the fiesta! (Only the $10 already donated if not)
2019-07-29 05:32:02 IMYOUREVILUNCLE also i should probably #pledge - ill pledge $25 upon completing the run!!
2019-07-25 08:43:26 CayleyGames #Pledge $20 now and $20 more when I finish!
2019-07-22 00:32:47 dynamojoe87 #pledge I will donate $20 if I finish, or $40 if I do not.
2019-07-17 12:52:10 Maxtion88 I #pledge $5 for each Shinryu, Neo Exdeath, and Omega that @weirdbias defeats for the duration of the event
2019-07-17 09:16:16 tundalus1 I #pledge $20 if I complete a run or $40 if I do not!
2019-07-17 09:13:17 tundalus1 I #pledge $20 if I complete a run and $40 if I don't.
2019-07-15 13:47:07 overmanZs1 #pledge I hit 50 follows on Twitch, now, let's hit 75 for another 50$!
2019-07-14 09:38:11 liz_bovard I #pledge $10 for the completion of each run and an additional $5 each for beating the two superbosses (so an extra $10 for both Omega and Shinryu)
2019-07-12 06:46:11 EndevinLP I #pledge $20 for each run I complete plus $10 per bonus boss. $50 if I complete no runs.
2019-07-07 09:11:42 nyttelost I #pledge $10 initially, another $10 upon completion. If I fail to complete this by Fiesta's end, I'll pledge another $20.
2019-07-06 03:32:57 JuliusTheOrange I #pledge an additional 0.01 USD on behalf of active_ate being, as they say, a pretty cool guy.
2019-07-04 00:38:47 KetsaAndPepper #pledge $2 per hour on my finish time!
2019-07-01 01:51:56 PKScorpius #pledge $50 for completion, $100 for failure, $25 for each superboss.
2019-06-30 03:37:47 FrankRuzzo #pledge $20 for completion of run. $30 for failure. $5 per superboss. $1 per hour the run takes. Up to a total of $100.
2019-06-29 00:12:54 Rustybutterknif #pledge $10 now plus $1 each total party kill. $10 more if I fail to finish by Aug 31st or start over.
2019-06-28 23:30:47 LSprite23 #Pledge I pledge $20 when I finish my first ever Fiesta Run because Child's Play is amazing and so are you! 🙂
2019-06-26 08:54:15 rex64_ #pledge $1 for every full wipe, $50 if I quit
2019-06-25 21:44:41 Sundanceshot #pledge $10 starting, $10 for finishing, $20 quitting
2019-06-25 21:37:54 ChakaCannot #pledge £30 on a completed run, £50 if I give up, £5 extra each per superboss I beat, if I beat 'em!
2019-06-24 08:13:12 LoneKiltedNinja #pledge Just hit Affiliate in a 4JF stream, so as a thank-you to viewers, I'll be donating $5/sub and $0.01 per bit I get until I finish my run (or until the end of the season, if I don't complete)
2019-06-23 00:13:47 Pusilanimy #pledge $20 to start. $5 for every team wipe I suffer and $1 for every day I take to complete.
2019-06-22 19:21:46 kiljan #pledge 30$ once my run of fun is done. Additional 5$ for each optional Superbad. ;)
2019-06-22 10:31:28 myreknight #regchaos #pledge 20 for a second completed run, double for an incomplete
2019-06-22 02:50:52 claimh_salois #pledge $20 United States dollarinos
2019-06-21 20:33:56 The_Great_B_Man I will #pledge $20 for finishing a run, $35 for defeat.
2019-06-21 14:46:48 TristamWolf #pledge I'm pledging $20 if I finish the run, and double that if I fail.
2019-06-21 04:33:16 mstang_ #pledge a number of dollars equal to the highest level of my characters at the end (going into the final boss), for each run I do
2019-06-21 04:12:42 DoglegsChampion I will #pledge $10 for finishing my run, $5 for each super boss. Also, I'm rerolling any repeat job from last year.
2019-06-21 02:59:30 UnstableHamster #reg #pledge 20 bucks for victory, double on loss. 1$ for each wipe.
2019-06-21 01:21:48 beth_nutley #pledge $50 for a finisheded run, $75 for an unfinished one.
2019-06-20 11:51:23 LexiDatGoobiGrl #pledge $1 for every blue spell I learn and $20 for game completion.
2019-06-20 04:01:01 mumbojumbodumbo #pledge $1 for each wipe, $20 for completion, up to $50 max
2019-06-19 12:34:35 jutke13 #reg #pledge
2019-06-18 23:56:53 clarkbrian #pledge $1 for each Blue Magic I learn, $1 for each crystal shattered, $10 for an ex-Exdeath (the double negative means he's dead). Plus another $10 each for Shinryu and Omega (don't count on it).
2019-06-18 20:48:36 CoachZ_SC #Pledge For my first run, I pledge $1 for every party death and $5 for every day it takes to achieve victory
2019-06-18 15:19:36 Xelressa I pledge 5$ for every run I complete and then 1$ extra for each Shinryu and Omega kills. #pledge
2019-06-18 12:30:37 cupnoodlechan Going to pledge $10.00 at the start of each run and $1 per death (up to $50) this year. #pledge
2019-06-18 08:43:26 DaveSonOfDave Gonna pledge $1 for each spell learned as a Blue Mage. #pledge
2019-06-18 04:28:25 RlyehSurfClub #pledge oh, and $1 for every wipe
2019-06-18 03:33:26 Fan0fToast #pledge $25 for each run I start plus ALL subscriber revenue from my twitch for the month of June
2019-06-18 02:28:14 ragnarokpuns #pledge $15.00 for each completed playthrough and an additional $10 if I beat Shinryu + Omega on any of my playthroughs ($20 if I don't).
2019-06-18 02:19:14 RlyehSurfClub #pledge $100 for winning, $50 for quitting, extra $25 for beating Omega, extra $25 for beating Shinryu
2019-06-18 02:03:33 mlindberg82 I #pledge 10$ to start, and an additional 10$ if I complete my run
2019-06-18 01:20:10 heckdotdoge I #pledge 10¢ per KO, 50¢ for each party wipe, and a minimum $20 donation
2019-06-18 01:17:58 mikaoja #pledge 1$ per in-game hour in all my fiestas combined
2019-06-18 00:29:01 togo521 #pledge i pledge 1€ for every boss beaten
2019-06-17 23:19:28 bullseyetm #pledge I will pledge $20 upon completion of my FF5 run.
2019-06-17 21:09:53 flyinbananasaur #pledge Pledging $5 for each of my friend group that's participating this year, so $60 in total (already sent) and an additional $15 for each of us that completes the run this year.
2019-06-17 20:02:13 Jairoe03 This year, I #pledge to donate $5 for the completion of each run and $1 for every hour under 20 hours of playtime in each run.
2019-06-17 18:08:59 TrenoNeoKnight #pledge $1 per party wipe. $5 per run completed
2019-06-17 12:54:16 itskage #pledge $10.00 to start. $3 for every one of my IRL friends that joins. $1 for each crystal they reach, $3 when they finish $5 for each super boss. If I don't finish my run I'll double all of the numbers.
2019-06-17 11:09:33 Starconspirator #pledge $1.00 for every party wipe up to $100.
2019-06-17 08:57:35 action_george #pledge $10 plus $5 for each job I unlock, $1 per death, $5 each for Omega, Shinryu and finishing the game, up to $100.
2019-06-17 06:55:42 yggdrasil325 I #pledge $50 when I complete my first run, and $10 for any of my friends who also does a run.
2019-06-17 06:28:05 fluentinnerd #pledge Pledging $5 for each of my friend group that's participating this year, so $60 in total (already sent) and an additional $15 for each of us that completes the run this year.
2019-06-17 03:27:42 Devoy91 #pledge $10 if I finish a run, $20 if I fail.
2019-06-17 03:05:20 gplowe92 #pledge $50 upon the completion of my run!
2019-06-16 23:28:42 jlohman711 #pledge $10 per finished run, or $20 if I don't finish at least one run, $1 per game over.
2019-06-16 05:18:14 FF6SA #Pledge $50 donated up front for the run, and maybe a job fair if needed.
2019-06-15 02:26:59 tacoseasoning #pledge The taco clan pledges 10 cents for every Exdeath Exterminator, and 1 dollar for every Shinryu Slayer and Omega Oppressor - Let's do this!
2019-06-13 04:40:47 overmanZs1 #pledge Here we go! 10$ on start! 10$ if I finish on stream. $50 if my Twitch channel hits 50 follows
2019-06-13 03:57:38 overmanZs1 I'm new to this this year. How does one properly #pledge
2019-06-12 13:44:49 Darius099 #pledge $10 on completion plus anything I can drum up from friends!
2019-06-10 06:43:21 FuckBag_Central #pledge $5 for each run completed on this (iOS) as well each completed by @EKnuppel (Psx). Extra $1 per triple crown
2019-06-10 03:24:15 jordaytee #pledge $5 for every run my friends and I complete. $1 for every game over I achieve. $5 every time I get frustrated and stop playing the game for a week mid-run. $2 for every run I don't get all 4 tablets.
2019-06-09 05:31:27 randomguy664 #pledge $3 for every clear, additional $1 for every Red Mage or Berserker I get.
2019-06-09 05:21:53 PsYchoSCIW #pledge I pledge $50 for preregistration (sent) and an additional $10 per run that I complete this summer up to $50.
2019-06-08 12:03:22 jasohill #pledge $10 for the usual run, plus $10 for the vote on the run. Good luck to all this year!
2019-06-07 22:19:09 bsstephan I #pledge $1 for every run me and my friends start, $5 for every victory we get, and an extra $10 for every time we spit in the face of disaster and get a triple crown; max $100.
2019-06-07 00:02:09 theseawolf1 #pledge The usual $10 per run started, $1 per wipe and $1 per White Hole.
2019-06-06 23:01:17 CaeshuraL I #pledge 2 dollars for every run @puwexil completes, and 1 for every run I complete up to $10!
2019-06-04 06:44:15 Active_ate I #pledge a crisp 20 USD for the cause this year. Wish it could be more.
2019-06-03 16:57:41 JuliusTheOrange I #pledge one USD for every time I make use of the quicksave glitch in Final Fantasy V Advance.