Pledges - Final Fantasy Five Four Job Fiesta

Pledge Time Pledger Pledge
2021-05-27 17:12:57 fluentinnerd #Pledge I pledge $5 for each person within my sub-group that beats Archeoavis, with another $15 for each person that actually completes the run. I will add an additional $2 for any double crowns, or an additional $5 per triple crown.
2021-05-28 03:21:31 RichardHelwig #pledge I pledge $15 for every completion in my subgroup.
2021-05-28 09:47:44 BEBOP_COLA_GOOD #pledge I pledge $15 for each run I complete and $30 for each run I start but DON'T complete!
2021-05-30 06:31:41 TysonMonagle Repeating my #pledge from last year's : donating $1 for every run anyone completes by August 31. This year proceeds benefit @ThePCRF
2021-05-31 13:19:28 Zwolf777 #pledge within my subgroup, $1 for each person that joins, even an incomplete run, $5 for a completed standard run, and $10 for a completed triple crown run.
2021-06-03 03:31:19 ifeelfantastic #pledge within my subgroup, $5 for each person who wins the Matrix (Mobile/Steam) version, up to $50 + $10 on behalf of the one person who knew more about that version than I did! This year proceeds benefit the Palestine Children's Relief Fund @ThePCRF
2021-06-05 00:04:46 mlindberg82 I #pledge $5 for each started run and an additional $5 for each berserker present in my party when I complete a run (including my initial berserker risk run)
2021-06-07 05:16:33 bsstephan I #pledge $5 per victory for myself and any of my SoBaD/GBFGC crew who participate, maxing out at, I dunno, let's say $150
2021-06-08 03:33:40 Ap5is I #pledge $10 per victory within my subgroup.
2021-06-08 03:37:23 Ap5is I #pledge $10 for any of my friends, family, or guildmates completing the run, plus $5 for any of those with #berserkerrisk.
2021-06-10 01:27:45 FF6SA #pledge $100 up front for the FJF again this year. Maybe I'll do a job fair (haven't had to yet) and donating up front should cover it.
2021-06-13 09:24:56 JuliusTheOrange I #pledge one USD for every use of the GBA version's quicksave glitch, whether to influence the random encounters I run into or to avoid them.
2021-06-13 22:45:51 BeanyTwo #pledge I pledge $5 for each crystal I reach and an extra $20 for each run I complete.
2021-06-13 23:39:14 Kigalas #Pledge $5 for each run and $1 for each triple crown between the 2 accounts
2021-06-13 23:47:03 PsYchoSCIW #pledge I pledge $100 on behalf of all my friends in the FJF Discord. I love you guys!!
2021-06-13 23:49:06 Sonic_Nintendo I #pledge $100 for The Run and for those who love ff5 and the fjf
2021-06-14 00:05:26 RlyehSurfClub my #pledge is $100 for a completed run, $25 each for beating Shinryu and Omega, and $1 for every party wipe
2021-06-14 03:36:32 tlttp I #pledge $15 immediately, with an extra $5 later for every Neo Exdeath/Shinryuu/Omega kill I get.
2021-06-14 03:52:59 LoneKiltedNinja I #pledge to run BLU/MYS/GEO/SAM, and donate 5x market rate for any of those that I don't roll naturally. Gotta stay interested, and there aren't many jobs I haven't 4JF'd...
2021-06-14 07:42:37 Lorvanos I #pledge $5 for each run @eLmaGus1988 completes this fiesta. Good luck!
2021-06-14 10:30:04 semiokme #pledge 50 if I succeed and 100 if I give up
2021-06-14 12:46:52 TincFox So! #pledge goals 10$ for every run completed and 25$ for every run abandoned. This a [half]-blind playthrough in Japanese, so my first run I will also pledge: 1$ for every vocab/kanji I lookup 2$ if Gingawa gives me the answer instead :P
2021-06-15 01:34:31 DoglegsChampion Four Job Fiesta 2021 is here; thus my reemergence on Twitter! I #pledge $10 for my completed run and $5 each if @billbotics and @Jaykay3354 complete their initial runs. Thief should be fun. All hail the knife brigade!
2021-06-15 02:05:47 berzerkersloth #pledge $4 to change class
2021-06-15 10:45:38 ProfessorBeef Just proof that I donated $5 to switch to Ranger! #pledge
2021-06-15 12:41:04 dynamojoe87 #pledge I pledge $50 regardless of the number of runs completed, with an extra $10 for each completed run. In addition, if I make affiliate on twitch during the course of the fiesta, all twitch revenue from that point to the end of fiesta will be donated as well.
2021-06-16 00:21:36 RyantheRadical #pledge I pledge $5 to finish my first run and $10 if I cower out like 3 years ago.
2021-06-16 08:08:50 TopToadgLu #pledge I pledge 20$ if I win the run, 40$ if I give up like a chump
2021-06-16 14:46:15 m0ther #pledge $3 to not have to run Mystic Knight again this year, and $10 for each run completed by me or @miaowminx
2021-06-17 06:18:00 catladybs #pledge 5$ for beating the game, with $2 for every time I beat it. 10$ if I don't beat it.
2021-06-17 07:19:23 JuliusTheOrange I have a new #pledge. 5 USD for every time I defeat the Tyrannosaur boss of the Underground Waterway using something which takes advantage of its creature type.
2021-06-18 05:21:30 ChocoboFried I #pledge $5 get these jobs - White Mage #changeWhiXXXXXXXXX3
2021-06-18 15:20:21 ButzPain I wanna finish my last run of last year (barely got past Wind Crystal) so I #pledge $17 get these jobs - Black Mage Time Mage Ranger Samurai #changeBlaTimRanSam17 ...might job fair to get this current party back next run, though!
2021-06-19 15:57:13 mlindberg82 In additition to my previous pledge, #pledge an additional $5 for each new job that I'm assigned this year that I have never been assigned in a previous year (excluding berseker). C'mon Gilgabot, gimme some new jobs this year!
2021-06-20 03:11:57 Amaronith #pledge I pledge $10 on completion + $1 for every party wipe up to $10
2021-06-20 15:12:09 Kyleberry11 #Pledge I pledge $22.22 USD if I finish the run and $44.44 if I give up
2021-06-21 08:36:58 nyttelost I #pledge $10 down, and $10 per time I finish a run of Fiesta.
2021-06-22 11:17:15 LoneKiltedNinja Alright, Gilgy- if I do show you $2x5=$10, could you, maybe, show me a fire job that IS Geomancer? #changeXXXXXXGeoXXX2 #pledge
2021-06-22 13:16:26 princeofsomnia #pledge I'm also gonna pledge $20 if I beat the game, $40 if I give up, and $5 for every team wipe. This is the year I can F E E L it.
2021-06-24 09:58:57 bijou_gaming #pledge I pledge $1 for every party member k.o. during my 1st run, excluding shinryu and omega
2021-06-26 13:19:46 LKitestar #pledge $20 +1 for each full party wipe. And there's already been one!
2021-06-26 21:27:44 mclaugp1 #pledge 15 if I win, 30 if I don't
2021-06-27 23:21:48 aphelps328 I #pledge $10 a run (three so far!) Plus any Job Fair donations, of course. Shooting for 6+ runs!
2021-06-29 10:35:03 ZaybakLP I #pledge $20 now and another $20 if I don't finish
2021-06-30 15:01:15 Packie619 #pledge $50 if I fail to beat Neo Exdeath. $25 if I succeed. $10 if I beat Neo Exdeath and also either Omega or Shinryu. $5 if I can beat both Omega and Shinryu!
2021-07-02 05:34:26 Jaltos_Hirnol #pledge I pledge 5$ per run completed by @eLmaGus1988 this year.
2021-07-03 14:36:44 YamchaLL I #pledge $20 per completed run, +$2 for any KO'd ally when Exdeath dies. $35 if I don't finish initial run.
2021-07-05 16:01:54 Ars_Ignis I #pledge $30 for a successful run, $50 for an unsuccessful run, and an extra $10 for every wipe.
2021-07-06 23:39:06 rustgarde #pledge donated $3 to change berserker to something else no750
2021-07-07 03:41:01 KurtFunkle #pledge I pledge $15 for each successful run, plus $5 for each Shinryu or Omega win within each run
2021-07-08 01:47:03 rustgarde #pledge donated $5 to change my #earth job to something else than berserker. no 750
2021-07-15 16:19:43 aaroneason #pledge $20 or total hours spent playing the game, whichever is longer. Rounding up to nearest $5 because I definitely manipulated fast forward / rewind feature quite abusively near the end.
2021-07-18 22:54:47 AnxiousNgineer I am once again giving the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta a shot. Last year was my first time. Going to actually try to finish a run this time. I #pledge to donate $50 to help PCFR up front for each run I attempt.
2021-07-26 11:32:28 DonCorneo3 #pledge I pledge to donate $10 for every completed and $20 for any unfinished or abandoned runs at the end of the charity. Additionally, I will donate an extra $5 for every Omega/Shinryu I defeat.
2021-07-27 04:05:21 KetsaAndPepper #pledge Pledging $5 per save during my run. I save a lot...