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THE RUN JOBS ThiefMystic KnightGeomancerDancer

What is The Run?

1 PM EST on Sunday June 17, 2018 our lovely players will begin a broadcasted marathon play through of Final Fantasy V using the classes selected by you, the players, viewers of and donors to the Fiesta!

When does The Run start?

Wonderful people will be participating in The Run this year. Here are their Twitch channels.

Donation Incentives

If the total donations are hit before The Run begins, the players must do the following.

$500: ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ PIANO FLEX ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ

All players must play every piano and flex each time.

$1000: Hi, Gilgamesh!

All players must do all Gilgamesh fights.

$2500: Final Savepoint

All players must defeat Necrophobe.

$5000: Legendary Weapons

All players must collect all four tablets and all twelve legendary weapons.

$10,000: Defeat Shinryu

All players must defeate Shinryu.

$12,500: Defeat Omega

All players must defeate Omega.

How long is the job voting open?

Voting is open until June 8, 2018 23:59. This is to allow the players to plan their strategies for The Run.

Have a question? Send a tweet to revenantkioku

(Only one $0 vote per Twitter account will be counted. Votes will count once unless a donation is made. Please leave a comment noting your vote when you donate so that it can be tied to you. PayPal comments cannot be seen. Once the donation is confirmed and matched to you, your vote will count once more for every dollar donated. A $1 donation will count as two votes, $2 donation as three votes and so on. Feel free to add more on top of your vote by voting again and selecting a donation amount.)